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About Me (The Long Version)

Getting to know you...Getting to know alllllll about you...

This kind of post is really very difficult to write.  You assume that the person that has wandered over here wants to know about you and more than likely doesn't know you at all and so you want to be
1. informative
2. witty
3.  to the point
...a tall order, if you ask me.  So, here it is....

I'm Angie.  I started blogging a few years ago because I loved reading a long distance friend of mine's blog and I felt like the sharing was one sided...I knew what was going on in her life and she didn't in mine.  Most of my family lives in the Chicago Land area, and having a blog would make it super easy for them to check in on me.  Why would they want to check in on me?  Because I have these little people in my life that are highly entertaining.

Casey and Chandler are our identical twin daughters.  They're almost 11 and it shows.  The hormone levels in our house increase daily.  Its *awesome*.   Sometimes they like each other and sometimes, well, not so much.  Casey is a perfectionist.  Chandler is super laid back.  Casey is a girly girl.  Chandler doesn't need to match...and if her hair isn't brushed?  Well, that's just not a concern of hers.

Quinn is our four year old son.  When you think of the "all boy" you should picture my son in your head.  He is as cute as can be and obviously intelligent, which he often uses to get himself in to some ridiculous situations.

Chris is my husband.  He's pretty amazing.  He used to be a middle school math teacher, but now he works for central office at the school district...and then comes home and cooks dinner for us every night.  I'm quite sure that if I were left to the cooking I would've killed all of us by now.

Ike is our dog.  We rescued him from the pound a couple of years ago.  Sometimes he is the best dog in the world...sometimes, not so much.  He is on the smallish side and was labeled a "pug mix."  What this really means is that he comes from a long line of one night stands.

We live in a fairly rural area outside of Athens, Ga....home of UGA (you gotta love some SEC football...and our alma mater), R.E.M., the B-52's, and Widespread Panic. 

I am also an elementary school librarian (or media specialist, if you prefer).  I taught middle school for 7 years before moving to the media center.  I have 3 degrees from UGA...a B.S.Ed in Middle Grades Education, a Master's Degree in Children's Literature and a Specialist Degree in Instructional Technology/School Library Media.  I once told Karen Hesse that meeting her was "better than meeting a rock star."   I am currently in love with the Chester series of books by Melanie Watt and the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems.  If you haven't read them, you should.  They will make you laugh.

What will you find on my blog?
  • stories about my children
  • stories about my husband 
  • stories about my dog
  • sometimes the planets align and you get a story involving all 3 - my children, my husband and my dog
  • I have an etsy shop and sometimes I post about new jewelry that I've made.  
  • sometimes I even give away jewelry that I've made (isn't that FUN?!)
  • and then there is a great number of other topics that I've been known to cover...current events, music, books, people I love, places I love, etc.
So, really, this is my small space in the world where I get to write about whatever it is that I want to write about.

Do I want you to become a follower?  Absolutely!  So go back to the home page and click the Google Follow button!

Do I want you to leave comments?  Why, yes, yes I do.  Would it be lame if I said that I love comments and they make my day?  Well then go ahead and call me lame, because they do.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have found this to be
1.  informative (ok, so it wasn't my life story...and if you still have questions, feel free to ask)
2.  witty (this may be a stretch...don't tell me if it wasn't)
3.  to the point (I know that I have failed at meeting this goal.  Sometimes I ramble.)