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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Randomness

Last night we drove into town and had dinner at Five Guys and then went over to Lowe's to buy some plants.  The front of our house was (quite nicely) landscaped when we bought it from the builder, but the other the sides of the house just had pine straw beds.  For the past 3 years.  With nothing planted in them.

I hate yard work.  Like really, really hate yard work.  My mother is like a master gardener and when I was a child she would beg for me to come out and plant with her.  And then when we moved to the South and she found out that our new neighborhood chose a "yard of the month" and you got a sign in your yard for that month...well, lets just say it was game on and we had the nicest yard...every month.  They had to be fair and spread the sign around, but my mother continued to work tirelessly in our yard.

So, anyway, I hate yard work, BUT I do have an appreciation for a nice yard and therefore, I suck it up and plant things.

Except for these past three years when I didn't plant anything.

But at our old house, our yard was quite nice with lots of plants and flowers.  Just sayin.

But back to the beginning...

When we were driving into town, I turned around and saw this in the back seat....

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Do you see that?  He's not a baby anymore!  He like, a real, live, little boy.  Although he would be really upset with me if I called him a little boy to his face.  He is a BIG BOY.  He is 2 years and 10 months old.  These are some of the things that he can do....

1.  He is completely potty trained.
2.  He knows all of his letters and can find them out of order.
3.  He can count to 10 in English and Spanish.
4.  He can spell his name.
5.  He knows his days of the week.
6.  He knows how to entertain himself by hiding his plastic Easter eggs and then conducting his own egg hunt...with himself.  While you cheer him on.  While he finds the eggs that he hid.

And then there were these two....

who are becoming more tweeny everyday.  And I just don't like that very much.

And I can't leave out our trusty driver...

While this is not the F.O.I.L. (keepin algebra fresh) t-shirt, it is a "Metaphors Be With You" shirt...and some guy at Five Guy (not one of the five) complimented Chris on it.

When we got to Lowe's, Q had the option of riding in the cart or wearing his backpack (with the leash).  He choose the back pack because he actually does like it...although he didn't like it when I told him that we were done and he had to leave the fountain display.  This was prior to me breaking that news to him....

Approximately 3 minutes after this picture he was writhing around on the ground moaning.  An older gentleman passed by and didn't really know what to make of the situation.  And then Q kept lunging back for the fountains...only he was tethered...and he kind of looked like a Three Stooges act.

Today we planted.  And I am super tired, so I will tell you more about that tomorrow.

Have you seen these?  They are my new favorite earrings in the shop.  Seriously.  I am in love with them.

Friday, April 29, 2011


So yesterday I shared with you a picture of myself from my senior year in high school.  I think its only fair that I share with you a picture of Chris from high school.

This is his graduation portrait, which is why he is looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Most pictures that I have seen of him from this time, not so much.  A little more sleepy eyed.  But this one....Can you even believe its him?

The long hair really is something, isn't it?  And I am quite certain that on the bottom half (because you know how they leave you in regular clothes from the waist down) he is wearing a ratty old pair of levis and some kind of birk sandals.  I would almost bet money on it.

And after this photo session he drove away in some kind of Honda, listening to Nirvana.  Gag.

We have often debated whether or not we would have been friends in high school.  I like to think yes because I tried to be friends (or at least friendly) with everyone.  He, on the other hand, is more doubtful.  

But here it is, some weight gain (for both of us), hair loss (mine in length, his in....well, just loss) and 15 years later...happily married...with three kids....and in love.  So there you have it.

Perhaps some Prom Pictures will be coming up in the future.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Find!

I stumbled upon a great find today.

See, I was in a really foul mood.  I mean, like, really foul.  It happens every now and then.  When I feel that everything in my life is poop and I live in squalor and I can't do anything right and I shouldn't have eaten the two snack bags of chips today (although in trying to put it in perspective, I could have chosen the chocolate iced honey bun and I didn't...I made myself feel better by repeating this in my head, "Its ok.  This is better than the chocolate iced honey bun.  Don't feel bad about it.") and I leave my shoes all over the house and the laundry is piling up and my children's bedrooms (and our bedroom) are messes and there are towels on the bathroom floor and I want to do what Crystal B did and just rent a dumpster and throw away half of what is in my house.  Starting with the linen closet.  And then whatever is in my dresser.  Because I don't even know when the last time is that I even wore something out of my dresser.

But I digress... (name that Berkmar High School teacher)....

So I was in a foul mood putting away all of my shoes and hanging up my clean laundry when I decided to clean out a stack of whatnot that was on top of my cubby in the closet.  And I found these...

 {Casey and Chandler, October 2004}
This was the first time that I took the girls to the zoo.  They were about the same age that Quinn is now.  I loved this age with the girls.  LOVED.  Aren't they so cute with their little bobs?

{Chandler and Casey, April 2005}

This was from the girls first ballet class.  I love their little painted nails.

No lie, this is one of my most favorite pictures of the girls.  Casey looks so angry and is holding up that L like she is just telling me...Loser!...and Chandler, oh, don't even get me started.  She looks just like Nick Nolte in his mug shot.  The hair.  Its killing me.

And then there was this one in the stack.  This is me (on the left) and one of my best friends from high school, Dea, (on the right).  October, 1995.  Dea came home from University of Miami for the weekend and I had missed her so, so much.  See, I was just a senior that year.  And she had left me for Miami, FL.  Far, far away.  So anyway, there we my I loved my high school room.  Do you see all of those fantastic Beatles and REM posters?  I was one of those lucky kids that had parents that didn't mind that my room was PLASTERED with crap on the walls.  And the ceiling.  But nevermind that, can you believe my hair????  Oh how I miss that long, long hair.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday, Week 7

Yay!  I actually got some picture taking done this opposed to last week...when picture taking didn't make it onto the schedule at all.  Whew!  Linking up to The Pleated Poppy!

gray striped t-shirt - old navy
jeans - banana republic outlet
roman sandals - rack room shoes
necklace - the fabulous crystal b!

Easter Sunday

ruffled sleeveless blouse - loft outlet
khaki skirt - loft outlet
magenta 3/4 sleeve cardigan - loft outlet 
linen flats - old navy

I am so in love with these ruffles.  Sometimes ruffles can be a serious no-no, but these?  Right on.

girls' dresses - Oshkosh outlet
Quinn's outfit - Lollipop Kids Consignment sale in Jefferson (I think I may have paid $8 total for the shirt and seersucker shorts)
Quinn's leather flip flops - Gap Outlet

dress - Charming Charlie's (last spring)
leggings - target
roman sandals - rack room shoes
denim jacket - gap

Monday, April 25, 2011

Randomness and Other Things

1. I think the girls may have gotten to the age of not really believing anymore.  For instance, when I asked them whether they still believed in the Easter Bunny, Chandler replied, "Oh, yes, Mama.  We believe in all mystical creatures."  Really?  Like minotaurs, centaurs, unicorns and the grumpy old troll...who lived under the bridge?  Does the Easter Bunny really pal around with those guys?  Just checking.  Big sigh.  What a jerk.

2.  Quinn escaped from the house twice yesterday evening.  He went barreling through the backyard to the playset in nothing but his Mickey Mouse underroos.  Bikey was in on the escapes with him and they would take off in opposite directions.  Jerk.

3.   Chandler's attitude has been a little out of control these days.  I want to reach out and touch her...a lot.  Like walking into church on Sunday...I was (in a motherly tone) telling her to watch what she was doing so that she wouldn't break her neck in her 2 inch cork wedge sandals (purchased in a moment of weakness...she wore me down...if you're a parent, you understand this).  She replied with this, "Renrenren, renren, renren, renren, ren."  You know, like the Charlie Brown teacher voice, while making a face and rolling her eyes.  We were walking into church on Easter morning.  Perhaps she felt like Christ would protect her from the wrath of Mama.  She was right, but I will use it against her later.  Jerk.

4.  Quinn and I are having an ongoing battle....

Me:  Quinn, I need a smoocheroo!
Quinn:  No.  Dayeah have yo smocheroo.
Me:  But I need one from you.
Quinn:  Its outside.
Me:  Please, please can I have a smooch?
Quinn:  Only a little, small one.

And then he gives me a t-tiny little peck on the lips.  We go through this several times a day.  Stingy.  I carried that child for 9 months, gained 75lbs, gave birth to an almost 9 pounder that was 22.5 inches long and all he has for me is a "little small smooch" after I have to beg and plead with him for that.  Jerk.

5.  Casey has been EXTRA helpful these past couple of days.

Me:  Why are you being so helpful?  What do you want?
Casey:  Oh, I love you.
Me:  No, really, what do you want?
Casey:  Well, there's going to be another book fair coming up and I'm going to need money for that.
Me:  Yes, I see.

At least the girl is honest at some point.

And here's a peek at some new things in the shop.  I am telling you...I listed a bunch of new things over the weekend, so if you haven't been in to look around, you should!  Go!  Now!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We attend (and are proud members of) Oconee Street Methodist Church in Athens (on the East side, on the hill across from Mama's Boy).  We love our church for lots of reasons. Chris was born into this church and when we were looking for a church to attend as a family (because it is kind of far from us) nothing else really seemed to compare.  It is a smaller church - only about 125 members - and we love that.  We also love the choir.  It is such a huge part of our service every week and I can't imagine a better way to kick off an Easter worship service....

Yes, I was that girl, with my phone out, videoing something that I probably shouldn't have been.  I'm not sure what the social grace standard is for making a video in church.  Regardless, as soon as I saw that Arvin's bongo was out, I knew that I had to share this with people (that and Frankie said she was taping today too, so that kind of felt like a green light to me).  (But excuse the was taking for-ever to load, so I resized things and well, you know, you should be paying attention to the audio anyway.  :) )

This wasn't the whole song, but I felt like it was shakey and I just wasn't all that sure that people weren't thinking that I was crazy.  I wish I would have taped Amanda singing with Neal later in the service, but I just didn't.

I tried to get the kids to take a nice picture for me as we were going into church this morning.  It is near impossible to get all three of them to look at me at the same time.  Just sayin.

By the end of the picture taking Quinn was trying to lift up his you can see in the large picture.  That was, you know, kind of awesome.  

After church we had an egg hunt (one for kids, one for adults...I scored a $5 egg!) and lunch at Chris's parents' house.  It was delicious, as always.

I, for one, had a fairly great Easter.  I hope you did too.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Q + L = BFF

Drew, CB and Loralai came up for dinner tonight.  Or rather, they brought dinner up tonight...the kids decided to have a little Dora downtime and the next thing we knew, this was the position of choice...Quinn with his head in Loralai's lap.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am absolutely, completely and finally done with packaging and shipping orders.  Even the stuff sold today.  Done. 


Can I tell you what a tremendous sigh of relief this is?  I have been a packaging fool for the past week and a half.  Almost 250 orders came in.  And now I can say, 250 orders have gone out.  Part of my slowness is the fact that I want each item shipped to be wrapped up like a present.  Nice box, fancy, hand tied ribbon.  And, well, that takes time.

But its done!  Which means that I can spend some time this weekend putting some of my new ideas into reality.  Yay!

In other news, the interview today?  Yep, perfectly fine.  I think it went well.  I wasn't nervous at all.  I think I gave good answers and if I don't get offered the job its because they feel that I am not a good fit for the school, not because they think I may be manic, which is what School #1 might think about me.

Just sayin.

I felt like calling School #1 after this interview and begging for a re-do.  I was calm and not freaked out by the panel of people interviewing me.  All 9 of them.

So, there's that. 

And the weekend is staring me down.  Yay!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Wednesday Post That Has Nothing to do With What I Wore

Ugh.  I am so irritated with myself that I couldn't get my act together to take my picture not once in the past week.  I blame the extended days and billion orders.  {Really just the extended days.  That getting home an hour later does ugly, ugly things to my evenings.  Which is when I take pictures.  Because I leave when it is still dark.}  And I wore some super cute things this week.  Even though I had the worst interview ever, I looked pretty hip for it.  New things that I was saving special for the interview.  Big sigh,  and I forgot to take my picture.

We did have this for dinner though and I ate a ridiculous amount of food.  I could. not. stop.  It was so wonderful and yummy.  Kudos to Chris!

steak fajita (with all the appropriate toppings, thankyouverymuch), corn (our first of the season) and spanish rice....with a side of lime.  Six summers ago (omg, 6!) our dear friends Joy and Shawn had family in town (Kimberly and fam) and they grilled corn in the shucks, peeled it back, rubbed it down with lime and ate it.  I am not kidding you, I think I ate ten ears of corn in 30 minutes.  Then I wanted it everyday for a month.  And now, I can't eat my corn any other way.  The girls love it this way too and call it "corn with slime."

While I was mildly excited about the corn, Q was really, really excited about the corn.

It kind of looks like a turkey leg, doesn't it???

And here's another one.  He was yelling, "CORN!!!!" when I captured the moment.

I am still feeling pretty good about shop things, shipping wise.  I posted a message in my shop announcements that items will be shipped within 7 to 10 days of payment, and so far so good.  I have everything that's paid for from last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, shipped!  Yay!  The problem is (yes, the extended days, but you know that already) is that I have a billion ideas for new things swirling around in my head and haven't had time to put the thoughts into reality.  Cross your fingers for this weekend.  In the meantime, here are a few little treats that will be in the shop (along with some others) later this evening.  :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The View

I love this view from my craft table.

While I was working away, my children were all gathered on the couch, 3 feet away from me, watching an episode of Dora on netflix instant streaming.  Even though the girls are really too old for that show, they humor Quinn and watch it with him anyway.  And that makes this mama very happy.
I had a post up from late last night about my interview and my ridiculousness and how nervous I get.  I took it down this morning because I couldn't stand the thought of it being there.  It made my stomach hurt just thinking about it.  I do appreciate the comments and emails that I've gotten about it.  And apparently if you follow me or have me in your reader, you can still read it.  Aren't you lucky?  :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Last night was one of those nights...

Last night was a complete and total night where I needed this at 5pm to make it through....

Yep.  A 5pm cup of coffee.  Not enough half caf...full on, loaded up caffeinated coffee.  (With some fancy creamer, too.)

And it was  also one of those nights where children ate a mixed bag of things for dinner - sandwiches, leftovers, etc.  and Chris and I were left to fend for ourselves.  I had this...

I love ramen.  Really and truly I do.  Chris laughs at me because I am very particular about following directions and recipes when in the kitchen.  He likes to experiment and play around and I am always saying things like,
don't change anything, don't add anything, make sure you cook that to temperature
Except when it comes to ramen. This is what I do....boil water, dump in noodles, cook for three minutes, scoop out noodles (leaving water in the pot on the stove) into bowl, then dump the powder on top, stir around with spoon to mix in powder.  I just don't like for it to be soup.  I want a bowl of noodles without the liquid.  I used to eat ramen about, um, err, 4 or 5 times a week.  Nutritional, I know.  When I was in college I would make it in my dorm room using the coffee pot.  True story.

Speaking of making things....
Bob gave us a ton of fresh oranges and so we decided to make some freshly squeezed juice. I am glad that we don't get a score from the health department because I'm pretty sure that this would put us in the failing category.  Just sayin.  They would shut. us. down.

ps - Please excuse my lack of editing.  It was just one of those nights.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy Week Ahead

This past week has gone by in a blur.  Literally.  A blur.

I am thrilled beyond belief with the success that the shop has seen lately and feel pretty good with the state of shipment.  I never could have made it through this past week without Chris (who goes to the post office for me even if he feels like a deer in headlights) and Abby (oh, thank God for you) who has also been running to the post office...almost everyday...for me.

(Which is kind of funny because I randomly asked her if she would be willing to go for me if I got a few orders over the next couple of weeks.  And then this happened.  And I found myself sending her with bags of packages to be mailed.)

Why all these worker bees for post office trips?

Well, because last week, like this week and half of next, I have to work until 4:15.  And then I can't make it to any post office before they close.  Ugh.

And, I bought a label printer to be able to use the paypal shipping program, but for some reason, I couldn't make things compatible with my mac.  I'm sure that if I had a little more time on my hands it is something that could be figured out, but right now?  No time.

This week really isn't looking a whole lot better.

I have job interviews on Monday and Thursday this week.  Just to mix things up a little.

I love my current job.  I love my school and I am very happy there.  To the point where if I am there next year, the girls will be going to school with me instead of Chris. 

BUUUUUUUTTTTTTT, there are jobs available in the next county over - the one where we do all of our shopping, go to church and have countless friends.  The one that we hope to live in again some day.  And every time a position opens, I feel that I need to apply.  If for no other reason than to just see if that's where I am supposed to be.

So, we'll see.

In the meantime, Chris and the girls start CRCT testing this week.  Casey, of course, has completely stressed herself out about it again this year.  Awesome.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Because I know that you've been dying to know...

I know that you have been dying to know if I actually found things to hang on the walls in our bathroom this past weekend or not.

Yes.  Yes, we did.  Truth be told, our bathroom is now our favorite room in the house.  Its really the only room in the house that I actually feel is finished.  And that's a good feeling.

This  is the first nice mirror I've ever actually owned.  It has a real frame on it.  We picked it up at the Ho Lo (that would be Hobby Lobby, if you don't know Christy Beth speak) for 50% off.  Give it another week and it'll be back on sale.  The apple green clock came from Target.

The other two things I stole out of the front room.  They are polaroid made by my Molly.  You want some too, I know.  I was actually thinking about how I could talk her into a few more.  :)

And then we put these in the lime green water closet.

Do they look familiar?  Yep, its those same 12x12 framed scrapbook papers that started out in the guest bedroom, then became part of Casey's room and then I reclaimed them for this room.  And I really love them in there.

I also made some living room pillows last week.  Now if I just had my perfect IKEA living room to put them in...

ps - Today is the last day to use the LAUNCH20 coupon code in the shop for 20% off your entire purchase!

pps - Because of the craziness (wonderful craziness) that has come into my life with the huge amount of orders this week, the blog may or may not be tended to this weekend.  This is what I have on tap...

pack up orders
eat dinner at Bob's
have dance party at Bob's
come home, put children to bed
make earrings until the wee hours of the morn
Saturday morning Easter Egg Hunt at my in-laws
grocery shopping
nail trim for Bikey
laundry (lots and lots of laundry because it hasn't been touched all week)
my parents are coming 
Sunday church 
more and more and more jewelry making, packing and shipping orders.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In a Pickle

Last week, over Spring Break, Chris told the girls that they could lock their bedroom door while they were cleaning to help keep Quinn out.  Only, the girls just moved into Quinn's old room.  The room where we turned the knob so that the lock is on the outside of the door.

Chandler sent me this email while I was out shopping that afternoon:


We are in a pickle.
Ask dad for more info.He might not know.
So make sure that he checks his Email.
love Chandler,

I asked Chris if he had received an email from her.  This is what she sent him:


One of us, Casey locked us in our room when you told us to lock our door so that Quinn won't come into our room. 
The bad part is the lock is on the other side of our room!
Please come and unlock us because I need to go to the bathroom!

from the one that did not lock us in and the cute one, Chandler

He did unlock their door.  She did make it to the restroom in time.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And the winner is.....

Yay!  The winner is #63....MABRY!!!! 

What I Wore, Week 6

Linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for another What I Wore Wednesday!

jeans - banana republic outlet
rose print top - j.crew outlet (new!)
pink sandals - dansko (old...but some of my favorite warm weather footwear)

That ring?  Its my great grandmother's engagement ring.  I thought I lost it once and cried, and cried and cried...  I lumped myself in with some of the worst people on the planet because I thought I lost the ring.  And if it had really been lost, I would have felt like THE worst person on the planet.  I come from a big (and I mean BIG) family and I have felt blessed that I was one to receive it.  Actually, my aunt inherited it, and then for my graduation from college, she gave it to me.  I was named after my great grandmother - Angela.  And that's some of the story of that ring.  :)

yellow and white striped t-shirt - old navy
chambray bermuda shorts - target (new!  and I LOVE them!)
black sandals - mephisto (also old...and also some of my favorite warm weather footwear)

dress - the loft outlet
gray ruffle ballet flats - gap outlet

One of the most awesome things about this dress... has pockets!  I love that!

yellow teardrop earrings - my shop
pearl earrings - made for me!
golden pearl simple necklace - my shop

Whew!  Can I just take a moment to say that???  Monday was probably one of the hugest (business wise) days of my life!  Have you seen this????
Ike and Co on THE PIONEER WOMAN!!!!!!

I mean, seriously....Holy Schnikes!  I about fell out of my chair at work!  And just ask the media clerk...I've been a little nutty for the past two days!  :)

Anywho, I am quite certain that I will have more to say about this once I catch my breath.  In the meantime, I tried to be proactive this week and I scheduled my posts because I knew that I would be crazy preparing for something scheduled next week and that since going back to work from Spring Break we are now in our extended days to make up for our snow week in January. And I'll just go ahead and tell you...tomorrow's post?  Yep, pretty classic.  :)

The winner for the $25 gift certificate to my shop will be announced tonight.  You should enter.  Follow my blog, favorite my shop and enter.  :)  Just scroll down a tad...its in the previous post.   :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Launch Day! {Giveaway Now Closed}

The online Indie Business class that I've been a part of since the beginning of March had its final "meeting" on Friday.  Today, there are a bunch of brand new blogs and shops opening, blog parties and giveaways going on!

I think you should check them out!  
For the complete list, visit here!

To help celebrate - both launch day and this being my (gasp!) 700th post, I am offering up a $25 gift certificate to my shop!  Yay!  (round of applause, the crowd goes wild)

To enter, here's what you need to do...

For your first entry:
1.  Leave your name in the comments.

For a second entry:
2.  Become a follower of my the follow button on the right sidebar and then tell me in the comments.  If you already follow (yay!), you can tell me that too!

For a third entry:
3.  Visit my shop and mark me as a favorite. 

{open to anyone, anywhere...winner will be chosen Wednesday evening, April 13th...Best of luck and May the Force Be With You!}

But wait, there's more!  
Just this week, April 11th thru April 15th, you can use this coupon code LAUNCH20 at checkout in my shop and receive 20% off your entire purchase!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Signing Off For the Weekend.

I am going to take the weekend off from blogging.  Its the last two days of my Spring Break and I am going to try to be on the computer as little as possible.  Go ahead, Chris, snicker.  And you can call me out on it if you feel that I am getting sucked in.  I have a few more things that I need to cross off my list before going back to work on Monday.

Back to work on Monday, where for the next 12 days before we take our state test, I will be working extended days to make up for our snow week in January.  Already I am tired just thinking about it.

Here's a few other things from this past week....

Look closely.  Can you see what this is a picture of?  Why, yes, yes, its the letter A.  Quinn drew that.  On the wall of the stairs.  He was quite upset that Chris took a magic eraser to it.  "But dat my A, Da-yeah."

Yes, son, but that's my wall.

We celebrated on Wednesday that Quinn went to bed Tuesday night without screaming.  He woke up once in the middle of the night and was agreeable when I took him back to bed.  His plan failed him when he woke up at 6:45 and tried to climb in our bed.  Chris announced that it was morning and time to get up...then he congratulated him on not crying and making it all night in his big boy bed in his big boy room.

Needless to say, he took a nap on the way there and on the way home, and then proceeded to sleep for the majority of the afternoon.  He got the last laugh though, when we woke up this morning and he was asleep in our bed.  Neither of us heard him come in or climb up, so we have no idea when this ninja like behavior occurred.

We had one of my favorite dinners last night.  Marinated grilled chicken, grilled squash, zucchini and onion and fumi salad (and don't forget the glass of milk).

And now, I think I am going to head off to bed soon.  Apparently we all need some beauty rest in this house.

ps - Don't forget to come back on Monday!  There will be something fun for sure!  And I think I might be in the givin away kind of'll be (gasp!) my 700th post! 

pps - Check out these treasuries!

Bathroom Part 1 and some new pillows...

A post about the bathroom and some pillows.  That doesn't really go together, now does it?  But that's a big chunk of what we've been doing this week.

Sadly, neither Chris nor I took pre redo pics of the bathroom.  Trust me, it was horrid.  Builder white, and no color.  Anywhere.  Except for the purple bathmats that I bought at Wal Mart when I thought I might want something to do with purple in the bathroom.  But here's what we did...

The funny thing is that we picked the exact same color as our bedroom.  Apparently, at Lowe's its called Sandstone and at Home Depot, its called Cityscape.  In case you were wondering.  The bathmats and shower curtain are on sale at Target right now.  The lime green tray on the counter is from Home Goods.  And that cute little puppy with the curly tale is from the pound.  He might go back to the pound if he tries to attack Abby again.  But that's a whole other story.  For another day.  He is cute, though, huh?

I was out to dinner with Molly when Chris painted the toilet room.  He texted me a picture of it saying, "Lime green water closet, anyone?"  It made me laugh.  And its exactly what I wanted.  Although I also want things to hang on the wall.

Its my goal of the weekend.  Bathroom wall hanging things.  And then I'll post some pictures of that.

The girls wanted to learn how to sew.  And since I am trying to get back in the running for Mother of the Year, I retrieved my mom's old sewing machine last weekend and the girls and I promptly began The Great Pillow Making Spring Break 2011.

Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy posted this tutorial a little while ago on how to make a pillow from a tea towel.  I took that as permission to but a $10 3-pack of dish towels in fabric that I love, and have been eyeballing, at Target to turn into some throw pillows for the bed.

I do love throw pillows.

Here's a side note.  I learned to sew while I was a theatre major at LaGrange College.  Part of my work study was in the costume shop.  So, I actually do know a thing or two about sewing.  Am I great at it?  No.  But part of that is because its been a solid nine years since I even sat at a sewing machine.  I had my mom's sewing machine at our house for years and kept telling Chris about my pillow and curtain making daydreams.  But I never did anything about it.  And then gave the machine back to my mom.  He thought I may have made the sewing ability up.

Translate:  He didn't believe I could actually sew.

So, imagine his surprise when I whipped these babies up this week....

The front three pillows are from the Target dishtowels.  The back two patterned pillows are from Hobby Lobby fabric.  Now, keep in mind...they're really nothing fancy - no zippers, some of my edges are a little crooked...which is really ok, because that sort of thing just doesn't bother me for my own house.

The girls made some little pillows for forth coming.  :)

ps - Did you notice that cute little dog in the pictures again?  He is pretty much my shadow.