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Monday, April 4, 2011

Treasuries and Night 1 of Tough Love

Here's a list of treasuries from last week.  You should visit them and show some love.  Just saying.

If you're wondering how our tough love went last night with Quinn...yeah, um, well, that sucked.  Which is precisely why we are giving this a go over Spring Break.  So we got him a really fun flashlight and a glow stick (an abracadabra wand, if you will), read some stories, got him all tucked in and then the screaming began.  I took up post in the hallway and sent him back to his room every time he tried to escape.  And then he just stood in the doorway and screamed.  And then he brought out a pillow and blanket and wanted to sleep in hallway with me.  So I went back to his room and he laid on the floor and I rubbed his back.  His eyeballs rolled back in his head and I thought for sure he was a goner.  But it wasn't so and Chris and I switched places - he then sat in the rocker in Q's room while Q fell asleep in his bed.  I fell asleep in my bed.  (I was so, so tired.)  Chris came to bed sometime later.  Much later.  

Quinn woke up around 3am.  I took him back to bed and rubbed his back.  He went to sleep.

And then he woke up again at 3:45am and Chris went in his room with him and laid on his floor until he went back to sleep.

At 5am he came barreling into our room, catapulted himself into the middle of our bed and went back to sleep.  
My plan was to carry him back to his bed when he went back to sleep, but I knew multiple things would happen...
1.  He would wake up and scream bloody murder the minute I tried to move him.
2.  The dog would wake up.
3.  I would have to leave the toasty warmth of my bed.

So he finished out the night with us. 

And then the dog woke up at 7:30 and Quinn is still sleeping (in our bed) while everyone else is wide awake and starting our day.

The children are moving bedrooms today.  The girls are going back into the big bedroom again (many reasons for that one), Quinn is going into the bedroom straight across the hall from us instead of being around the corner.  Moving bedrooms and no Chuck E. Cheese.

My bathroom is getting the pre-painting scrub down.  And then some painting is gonna go on.

Happy Spring Break to us. 

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