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Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Randomness...

So here's just some case you need a little more of that in your life...

Have you seen my sweet Battle of the Books winner?  The competition was last week (clearly I'm a little late on this blog post).  In the 2nd round, my school's team (the five sweet kids that I coached) went up against my daughter's team.  It was kind of like Sophie's Choice.  But Chan's team won that round, went on to the finals and brought the trophies home!  They were amazing.  Truly.  And Chan really needed this win. 

Last week I was sort of back on track with salads for lunch.  We need a better eating plan in this house.  My shorts from last summer don't fit, so we're working on Operation Angie Doesn't Wear Jeans in 90 Degree Heat.  That's all I'm asking for people.

I bought this sampler pattern from the fabulous Pam G last Spring and I finally finished it over Spring Break.  This year.  It really probably only took about 3 weeks, working on it in the evenings, to get it was the part where I put it down for 11 months that really held things up.  I found the frame at Michaels for $8 and I love it....even though it isn't cut right to put a mat in it and Chris had to use the nail gun + duct tape to make it secure enough to hang.  None of which you can see from the front, so it's a-ok in my book.

So....this is what Ike does around mile 2 for fun when Chris or I are on the treadmill.  Drops his toys onto the belt.  They then go sailing off into the wall behind the treadmill, he runs back to pick them up and he starts all over again.  I think I could win some money on Funniest Home Videos with this one.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chicken Enchiladas

A few weeks ago I read Meg's post on enchiladas and knew that we had to make them...only a little differently.  Chris hates sour cream and so we had to mix it up a little...and if I were a food blogger I would take a picture of the ingredients.  And the steps.  But I'm not, so this is it...

What we made this with...

1 Rotisserie Chicken from Publix (mojo)
1 kinda big container of queso (in the dairy section, not the chip aisle...somewhat of a more authentic feeling brand)
1 package of flour shells (medium size)
1 can of rotel

On the side...

1 can of seasoned black beans
1 ripe avocado (chopped)

What we did...

Chris shredded the chicken (I have a hard time handling meat) (you can laugh)
We heated up the queso.
We dumped the rotel in with the warm queso.
We mixed in 1 cup of the queso/rotel with the chicken.
Spread a thin layer of queso on the bottom of a 9x13 glass pan
Fill and roll the shells with chicken mixture.
Line them up in the glass pan
Pour the rest of the queso/rotel on top of the enchiladas
Bake uncovered at 350 for 25 to 30 min

Is this dish good for you?  Um, that would be a no.  We made two enchiladas with refried beans for our vegetarian and EVERYONE loved dinner.  And in our house, we call that a success.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My poor boy

My poor boy had a rough week.  Dental surgery.  Final count...2 teeth pulled + metal spacers put in their place (stitches), 1 crown, 8 cavities filled.  Ugh.

There were a slew of of the main ones being that he has dairy induced reflux - milk makes him vomit and he would swish it around, damaging his teeth, and then the other offenders - juice, chocolate milk (before we realized it was the trigger), too long with a pacifier, not being as diligent about brushing teeth as we should be... We do have two other children that do not have.a.single.cavity.

Do I sound like I am defensive?  Like I'm giving a billion reasons for something terrible?

Because none of these things are his fault and yet he had to go through all of this.

And while talking about it to a friend in the lobby of the school, a parent turned to their child and said, "See?  And THAT is why you need make sure you brush."

I don't want my kid to be that poster child.

Why is parenting so hard?  Anybody have the answer for that one?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Catching Up

Whew!  I cannot believe that it is already the middle of March...the Ides are just around the corner!

I keep waiting to feel like we're in a routine at home and I think now that it is March I should just give up on it and give in to the fact that a real routine isn't going to happen for us.  Which is what has made blogging so much harder for routine.  No bueno, no bueno.

We're relishing in the time change - such an automatic good mood maker for me.  When people ask why we still switch the clocks I always want to answer "to put a smile on my face."  Because it does.  Seriously.  It is also a wonderful thing that the time change coincides with our Spring Break.  Double good mood maker!

We spend the weekend cleaning the house.  I think I could be awesome at the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.  It is amazing to me how much stuff we accumulate.  I also worked on some new shop things...

And then these... {don't they remind you of skittles...taste the rainbow???}  I also listed them as one pair and then listings (with discounts) for pick 3 or pick 6.  Fun!

 On Monday we surprised the kids with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in NC.  We went last spring break and it was going again was kind of a no brainer for us.   This year, Q was tall enough to ride all of the water rides except the biggest one (which I don't like anyway) so it was more of a work out for Chris and I (he had to ride with an adult).  The stairs to get on the water slides?  OMG.  It got to a point where every step was a punishment.  Seriously.

I do apologize for the blog being so neglected lately.  Ugh. 
BUT, follow me on instagram!  @ikeandco  ...  I am a much more reliable instagrammer.  :)

I also wrote a guest post here.  Just in case you need a little more reading material.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello, there!

March!  It's lovely to see you and I am so glad that you are here!

At work I seem to have quite a few big things going on in March - Read Across America, Battle of the Books, a storyteller visit AND Book Fair.  Oh, and did I mention that our Spring Break is the week after next?  

Today I was able to cross one thing off my list - Read Across America.  Whew!  I partnered with our local high school (they have a fabulous librarian!  and some super great English teachers!) and had almost 100 high school students come over to be guest readers in my PreK thru 5th grade classes.  This was our second year doing this - it went better than it did last year - and I already have lots of ideas about how to make it even better next year!  Yay!

We have some fun plans this weekend - seeing awesome friends (our best man at our wedding, and his super lovely and sweet wife! a date night for us!  kids spending the night with grandparents!), Chandler has work in a youth art show at UGA, I am having some antiquing time with a new friend, AND we're getting ready for Spring Break.  

We're on Spring Break with the University, so it is an early one.  We've decided to surprise the children (so if you know us, please keep it on the down low!) with a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord/Charlotte.  We went last year and it was  Seriously.  And the kids ask to go back every three days.  They have no idea.  And we're not telling them until the day we leave.  Eek!  I.cannot.wait.  

Annnnndddddd, in case you haven't seen...I have a new line of bracelets in the shop.  I made 4 for myself a month and a half ago and I am in love with them.  So dainty and wonderful.  Some days I wear just one, some day I wear all four.  I also added a couple new necklaces to accompany them...