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Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello, there!

March!  It's lovely to see you and I am so glad that you are here!

At work I seem to have quite a few big things going on in March - Read Across America, Battle of the Books, a storyteller visit AND Book Fair.  Oh, and did I mention that our Spring Break is the week after next?  

Today I was able to cross one thing off my list - Read Across America.  Whew!  I partnered with our local high school (they have a fabulous librarian!  and some super great English teachers!) and had almost 100 high school students come over to be guest readers in my PreK thru 5th grade classes.  This was our second year doing this - it went better than it did last year - and I already have lots of ideas about how to make it even better next year!  Yay!

We have some fun plans this weekend - seeing awesome friends (our best man at our wedding, and his super lovely and sweet wife! a date night for us!  kids spending the night with grandparents!), Chandler has work in a youth art show at UGA, I am having some antiquing time with a new friend, AND we're getting ready for Spring Break.  

We're on Spring Break with the University, so it is an early one.  We've decided to surprise the children (so if you know us, please keep it on the down low!) with a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord/Charlotte.  We went last year and it was  Seriously.  And the kids ask to go back every three days.  They have no idea.  And we're not telling them until the day we leave.  Eek!  I.cannot.wait.  

Annnnndddddd, in case you haven't seen...I have a new line of bracelets in the shop.  I made 4 for myself a month and a half ago and I am in love with them.  So dainty and wonderful.  Some days I wear just one, some day I wear all four.  I also added a couple new necklaces to accompany them...

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