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Monday, January 31, 2011

My Son is a Genius

There are days when I truly think that Q is a genius.  Really.  But today was not one of them.

Today was the day that Q managed to get himself stuck in the stool at the island in the kitchen.  (See, even Ike can't believe this is going on.)

He just pointed at this picture and said, "That me!!!  Stuck!  Yesh, Mama, stuck!"

And then Chris had to get him out.

ps - Chan is on the mend.  But she has only eaten half a cup of food between Saturday morning and now, so I'll be home with her tomorrow.

pps - 13 days until my birthday.  I'm going to Paris.  Just kidding.  I'm not going to Paris.  Although I might go to the Hibachi restaurant up the road from my house.  Which has nothing to do with Paris.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Long Weekend That Went Too Fast

Friday seems like it was months ago.  But at the same time, the weekend went by much too quickly.  Here's the run down...

It was so long ago, I don't even remember.

1.  I realized I may possibly have adult onset A.D.D.  No, seriously.  This is how I have come to this realization...At a time much later in the day than I care to admit, I said to Chris, "I'm going to take a shower."  But then I walked past the vacuum cleaner and thought, Oh!  I should vacuum upstairs before I shower so that if I work up a sweat I wouldn't have wasted the shower.  (go ahead, you can snicker.)  So, I went back in the kitchen to tell Chris that there was a change of plans.  He reminded me to put back in the little black meshy piece that Quinn had tried to feed to Ike earlier in the day so that the engine of the vacuum wouldn't get dust in it and catch on fire.  So I went to do that, but figured I should empty out the cup thingy of the vacuum while I was at it.  We empty this in the small trash bin in the garage, so I walked out there to do that.  But then I remembered that it was late enough in the day that the mail had already run, so I walked out to get the mail.  So I emptied the cup, got the mail, and brought it back into the kitchen.  Then I stood at the island and read the mail.  All of the mail.  Including the new Pottery Barn Catalog and showed things to Chris like I was actually thinking about purchasing the $1200 storage unit.  Which I'm not.  And then I said, "I'm going to take a shower."  On my way up, I walked past the vacuum cleaner and remembered that I wanted to do that before the shower, you know, in case I worked up a sweat.  But I left the pieces of the vacuum somewhere in the kitchen.  So I had to find them (on the counter, next to my purse).  And then I put the vacuum cleaner together and carried it up.  I vacuumed the hallway and Casey's room and then figured I should go ahead and put her laundry in the wash.  So I stopped and did that.  And then I carried some clean things into our closet to hang them up.  And then I went back to the vacuuming.  Over an hour later, I got in the shower.  Had I completed a task from start to finish?  Only if you count carrying the mail in as a task.  I only vacuumed two rooms upstairs before I decided I was done with that.  Sheesh.

2.  I went grocery shopping.  I had not eaten before I left (I was busy with OTHER things, remember?).  We now have enough snack foods to last us until March of 2014.

3.  Molly called to tell me that she was almost to her hotel in Athens.  (The new Indigo Hotel - absolutely fabulous.  Beautiful.  Really beautiful.)  So I dashed upstairs, pulled on the first "hip" outfit that I came to and took off to meet up with her and Jules.  Halfway there, I decided that I hated what I was wearing and had to stop in Target to pick out a different shirt.

4.  We ate at the hotel.  We shared a heaping plate of Gorgonzola French Fries.  Yum.  :)

5.  Then we head over to an art auction that Molly loves to go to every year.  Jules and I were chomping at the bit to take over as auctioneers.  I am 100% positive that we would have rocked the place.  As it was, we were egging people on.  Molly was a big spender and went home with 3 new pieces.  Juli and I didn't even register.  I knew that I couldn't be trusted with a paddle.

6.  We went to The Manhattan.  Then we went to The Grill (yes, I had a veggie melt and fries and feta).  Molly drank Beer Mosas.  No, really, I'm serious, beer with a splash of orange juice.  We passed by many, many, young college kids and I felt incredibly old.

7.  I came to the realization that love Molly and Juli and miss them terribly when they are not around.

8.  I drove home (because I really don't drink, I have very few wits under normal situations, so I am quite insistent in keeping my wits about me).  When I got home (much later than I care to admit), Chan was sleeping naked on the couch and Chris was on the floor in the front room.  She had a fever.  It had been at almost 105 and Chris had to put her in the bath tub.  She vomited, multiple times, and was clearly very sick.


1.  Chris took Chan to the Immediate Care.  She has the flu.

2.  I took the healthy children with me to the store to pick up Chan's $50 prescription.  Yes, that's right, $50 prescription!!!

3.  We ate the Pioneer Woman's sliders and fried onions for dinner.  Oh.  My. 

And that was, essentially, my weekend.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dinner Conversation

Me:  Ooh, Case, I think you missed a button.  (referring to the 2nd button on her shirt that she wore allllll day)
Casey: (looking down)  Oh!  I did!  Whew!  Good thing I had a camisole on under it.
Me:  Yeah, good thing, otherwise people might have seen your boobies.
Casey:  No, I don't think they would have.  My boobies are up here.  (pointing to approx. 3 inches under her chin.)
Chandler:  Yeah, I like to call my boobies....tentacles. 

Ok.  Whatever.  Seriously? As Chris and I erupted in laughter....

Chandler:  What???!!!  Do boys have something that are called tentacles?  Because if so I'll need to come up with another name.

p.s.  Both girls have been reading over my shoulders as I wrote this and Chandler wanted to point out that all other words...boobs, boobies, breasts, etc.  are all just very uncomfortable to say.  Tentacles is clearly a better choice.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Heart Justin Timberlake

No.  Really.  Its true.  I do heart Justin Timberlake.  He is actually on my LIST.  You know, the list of people (aka celebrities) that you have that you are allowed to have an affair with if they show up at your doorstep?  Yes, I've decided that Justin Timberlake is on mine. 

Its ok.  Go ahead and judge me if you must.  I can handle it.

But, before you should watch this link (if you haven't already seen it...sometimes I'm super behind the times).

Now, I love this for several reasons...

1.  I heart Justin.  (I think I've been pretty clear on this point.)
2.  I heart rap.  Did you know that?  I've been told that I am the whitest white girl in America (whatever THAT means), but seriously, nothing would make me happier than to be part of Dr. Dre's posse.  No, really.  Its true.  I love all things Dre.  Go ahead, you can judge me for that one too. 
3.  I know all of these songs and you better believe that I sing along to this like only the whitest white girl in America would.

From My Bookshelf

I am in love with this etsy shop - From My Bookshelf.  These two are my favorite things in the shop...especially the below quote because I feel that way quite often...  :)

And Alice in Wonderland?  I think I am going to be reminding myself of this quote on a pretty regular basis.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why, Why, oh, Why?

 Why, why, why?  I beg of you, why?  (as I gnash my teeth)  He looks so very cute and sweet, right?  He is anything but these days.  And I just want to know why.

Why won't he sleep in his own bed?
He prefers to sleep in ours, with approximately 1.5 inches between our faces.  That is, when his face is on a pillow.  More often than not, his hiney is on the pillow and his heels are being pounded into your back.

Why won't he go to bed without a fight?
And when I say fight, I mean FIGHT!  Egads, its terrible.  Screaming and crying.  And now sitting at the top of the stairs just isn't good enough for him.  And, God bless him, he is so cute that I can't help but fall in love with his sweet face every time he enters the room and then I have to be mean, sending him back to bed.... big sigh....  but if he stays up, its bad news on two fronts...
1.  he is EXHAUSTED the next morning and is a complete bear
2.  Chris and I never get to have a child free conversation.  Especially now that Mutt and Jeff are sleeping with us.  That's code for Quinn and Ike.  In case you were wondering.

Why, why for the love of God, why won't he stop screaming when we leave him?
Chris has been dealing with this for quite some time in the mornings at the sitters.  And now he has started a little show for my benefit when I leave to
a.  go to work
b.  take a girl to an activity
c.  go to the bathroom
Just kidding, c hasn't happened yet.  Mainly because he just barges in the bathroom and joins me.

And that is the woes of Q these days.

The highlight of my day?  (Because I know that you were dying to know...)  That fabulous song, Loser, by Beck came on the radio on my way home.  I love that song.  All of a sudden, I am back in high school again, cruisin in my 89 Honda Accord.  So I crank it up and jam out.  "aoifheioahn, mbamna, haoifoiafjna, ajouajnlf'ajh, hdfaihfieoan....Get crazy with the cheese whiz!"  That's what I sound like when I sing along...oh, and, "A couple of couches, sleep on the love seat."  Big sigh.  I love that song.

And then again, it may just be because I am delirious from lack of sleep due to a little someone being in our bed.  Just sayin.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chicago Part II

 {party in the limo, as my brother Joey said, "Its kind of prom in here."}

{Meredith and Phyllis}

Recovering from a trip is almost as difficult as it is preparing to go on a trip. I am tired beyond belief. Exhausted.

But, here we go, part II of my trip to Chicago...  The pictures above?  Yeah, they're the only ones that I took.  all.  weekend.  long.  Not kidding.  Ridiculous, right?

My dad picked me up from my Gram's house on Saturday morning at 9am. Believe me, that was really early. He knew which condo was hers because it was the one with a Grandma in the window. Really, she stands in the window every time she knows someone is coming over.

And now, I am just going to fast forward through the day by saying that it involved a lot of eating (my dad keeps trying to tell my stepmom that whatever the amount of food is that she thinks she needs, she really just needs to half that), a lot of talking and a lot of oohing and ahhing. I flew up to Chicago for the weekend to go to my cousin Phyllis's wedding and let me just tell cousin Phyllis is an amazing person. I think everyone was in agreement all weekend that she is, by far, one of the kindest, most genuine, caring people that ever walked the Earth. Exaggeration? No. Really, this time, I am not exaggerating.

So, we all got ready at my Dad and Ger's house and then the limo took all of us – my brothers, the bride, and the wedding party – over to the Groom's parents' house for pictures and from there to the ceremony.

Every aspect of this wedding was a reflection of the love and respect that Phyllis and Dan have for each other.  

And the reception?  Outstanding.  There was steak AND chicken for dinner, in addition to an open bar.  Yay!  And yes, I did rock the dance floor.  For hours.  I would just like to take this time to thank Debbie, Geralyn, Yvonne and my Dad (he loves the Motown) for rocking the floor with me.  

Sunday morning came fast and furiously.  We sat in the kitchen, chatting and drinking coffee.  And I didn't want to leave.  I mean, I did want to leave because I missed my husband and my children, but I didn't want to leave because sitting at my dad's kitchen table is one of the most warm and welcoming places and I never want to leave there.  

But, I did.  And then he took me to the airport.  I flew home.  Walked the 8 miles back to my car and then drove almost 2 hours back to my house.  

And just like that, my trip was over.  

Holy cow, I cannot even begin to tell you how very, very tired I am.  So I am going to bed.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chicago - Part I

 {image found here}
I  flew into Chicago Thursday night.  I am quite sure that Chris was glad to see me go - I was a crazy woman trying to pack on Wednesday...desperately trying to squeeze my jeans, sweaters, boots and wedding attire into a 22x14x9 carry on bag.  I was bound and determined not to pay to check a bag for a 3 day trip.  And so, that made me a little crazy.  And added to the craziness was the fact that I hadn't flown in almost 4 years and so I was out of practice and that made me a little nervous, which created more crazy behavior. I felt sick most of the day on Thursday...trying to make sure that I didn't forget anything, that I had my boarding pass and ID, then finding a place to park, and walking 8 miles into the airport.  (I'm exaggerating a little, it was really only 2 miles.)  But, I made it.  

I had some nut sitting next to me on the plane.  I normally like to make small talk before take off.  I would like to know a little something about the people around me when flying so that we feel bonded if we end up going down together.  I would love it if everyone could stand up and introduce themselves, you know, say something about who they are, why they're flying, that sort of thing, before we taxi down the runway, but I don't think the airline peeps would go for that.  It may just be the teacher in me that feels the need to know everyone's name.  

Anyway, so there was this nut sitting next to me.  I learned early on that he didn't speak English (this isn't the part that makes him a nut, I am fascinated by foreign languages), so there went the whole "getting to know you" part of my flight.  When he pointed to his seat number on his boarding pass and the seat number listed overhead, I confirmed that he was sitting in the correct seat by giving him a big thumbs up.  I figure that's some kind of positive, affirmative, international sign.  Then we started taxiing down the runway and the nut (who happened to look just like Ray Romano...but he wasn't) starts in on some big praying.  The sign of the cross.  Eyes pinched tight.  Lips moving frantically.  And then we're in the air and he opens his eyes, looks to God and spreads  open his hands, palms up, as if saying, "Thanks, Big Guy.  Thanks."

At drink service, I ordered for him.  He asked for "agua" and I translated that for the flight attendant.  "He would like water, please."  As if she didn't know what agua was.  Its ok, I was just being a good seat mate.  I turned, smiled, nodded and gave him another thumbs up.  When I passed his drink over, I noticed that he was wearing a cross necklace.  And not like a gold chain with a little pendant, but a hang down at your belly, HOLY CROSS, yowza-that's-a-big-necklace, kind of cross.  It really stood out against his white shirt too.  But, you know, whatever, to each his own.  I am also a Christian, I just don't have a cross quite that big.

And then, before we knew it, we were making our descent into Chicago, circling Midway Airport for our turn to land.  And he starts with the big praying again.  Full on, making the sign of the cross, mumbling quickly and heatedly, oh my, lots of praying going on over there.  I was also praying, but mine was more in my head, and maybe not so much praying as it was begging,  please, God, don't let us crash, please, God, don't let us crash.

I kept trying to get a glimpse out the window.  I love looking at the grid of lights when flying into Chicago at night.  I can't even begin to count the number of flights in I have made like that.  Almost my whole childhood and there is always this sense of relief, this feeling of coming home, the city of my family. 

And then we didn't crash.  We pulled into the gate, the lights in the cabin went on and the nutty neighbor and I both began collecting our belongings.  It was then that I noticed that perhaps he wasn't nutty, just doing his job with all that praying.  What I couldn't see throughout the flight because it was blocked by his black wool coat, was that he was wearing a priest collar.  I wish that I had seen it earlier.  It would've been good information to have, you know, if we went down in mid-flight, I could have just grabbed hold of him - I'm going with you.  Of course, I would only want to go with him if he was a good priest and had left the alter boys alone.  Just sayin.  But, really, perhaps I wouldn't have been so tense if I had known.  And I scolded myself for all the coo-coo comments I made to myself in my head about him.

I called my father to let him know that I had arrived and then waited outside for him to pick me up.  The bitterness of the wind made my face feel like it was going to shatter into a million pieces while I stood there.  I even think my way of greeting my father, as I jumped into his car, had some obscenities about the weather in it.

We stopped by Portillos (oh, be still my beating heart) for some beef sandwiches and then he delivered me to my Gram's house.  We knew which condo was her's because she always waits in the window when she knows that people are coming over.  Its a very helpful thing.  

A major part of this trip (aside from my cousin's wedding) was the chance to use my fancy digital voice recorder to interview my Gram.  We stayed up until midnight on Thursday (and Friday), talking like we might not ever get the chance to talk again.  

Friday morning we ate breakfast at this really great little diner across the street.  Then we came back to her house and got started on the interview.  In between talking, we also went through pictures (lots and lots of pictures).  So many pictures, in fact, that at almost 11pm that night I said, "I can't look at any more," exhausted.  And I never want to stop looking at pictures.  And we only made it 3/4 of the way through ONE box.  ONE box, people.  Ugh.  

But, here's a sneak peek at some of the gems that I got to copy and return....

These people are my grandparents - Pat and Stella (who was known as Red at this particular time in her life - she is a natural red head) - at my great aunt and uncle's wedding in 1949.  My Gram was a 19 year old married lady.  Papa was only 18 (oo-la-la, a younger man).  They had already been married for a year at this point.  They actually went to my Papa's senior prom, married.

Can you believe the waist on her???  And this next picture...check out her shoes!  She's such a fashion plate!  (And that's my great-grandfather standing in the corner of the picture.)

And my Papa, he wasn't so shabby himself.  I wonder if he had any idea in his head during these pictures that he would one day have 6 children, who would then give him 19 grandchildren and, at current count, 8 great grandchildren.  He's hot stuff, though, isn't he? 

Part II of the trip will be posted, um, well, sometime later!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Very Humble, Shy Child

Casey started a new dance class last night.  She was excited to be back in Miss Bethany's class, but nervous about not knowing who was going to be in there.  When we arrived and she saw all of the other girls in the class and realized that she knew LOTS of them, she was ecstatic.

On the way home from class we had this conversation in the car...

Me:  So, Case, how was class?
Casey:  Pretty awesome.
Me:  Do you like the other girls?
Casey:  Oh, yes!  There's already a Casey fan club!
Me:  Um, what?!?
Casey:  Yeah, Missy and Brianna* are in it.
Me:  Oooooookkkkkkk.....I'm not really sure I understand this "club."
Casey:  I think that they just really respect my dancing.


*two girls that are younger than Casey, names changed to protect the innocent.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Preparing for Valentine's Day

 (Simple Lovin Earrings no.3 $10}

Now, I will be the first to is sometimes a little hokey to wear things that are specific to a holiday.  Its true.  But, sometimes, its a must.  Like, I always (at the very least) wear the appropriate colors associated with a for Halloween, green for St. Patrick's Day, red, white and blue for the 4th of July...and red for Valentine's Day.
 {Simple Lovin Earrings  $8}

So I think that if you're looking for some red to wear, you should go and look in my shop.  I was busy during my snow week and added a few pieces specifically for Valentine's Day.  

 {Simple Lovin no.2 $8}

And I also happen to know that you are very curious at to where I got the name for the Simple Lovin' Earrings.  And I am not going to tell you....but you can find the answer in the listings on etsy.  One more reason to head over to the shop.  

 {Lava Hurricane earrings $12}

These earrings are a perfect match to the Two Hearts Necklace.  They are really just fabulous red earrings.  You can't go wrong with them.

 {true love earrings $20}

I am truly in love with these earrings.  The pictures cannot even begin to describe the sparkly, glam greatness of these earrings.  I'm not sure how you can live without them.

{two hearts necklace $24}

I named this necklace Two Hearts because, well, there are two hearts.  But every time I type out "two hearts"  I start singing that Ryan Adams song...It takes two but it used to take one....

And I included these pictures of Quinn as a reward for those of you who stuck it out through my ramblings about my jewelry.  That's my boy.  He was convinced that he could actually fit inside that box.  And he just wouldn't give up.  It was entertainment for quite some time...for him and us.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Lesson In Wire Wrapping

After we came home from Target the other day, Chris sat across from me at the jewelry table and announced that he wanted a lesson in wire wrapping.  I told him this could be a dangerous skill for him to learn because I might put him to work in my sweatshop.  But he insisted, so I found a few scraps and went over a simple loop, step by step.  He kept doing it wrong and I kept correcting him, so eventually he just worked on his piece on his own, under the table, where I couldn't see it.  
By the time he finished it, he was crying.  Like, really, really crying, and laughing...with no noise.  He was completely cracking himself up.  And when he was finished, through his laughter and tears, he proudly announced, "I don't think anyone will be able to tell the difference between mine and yours."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Would Just Like to Say...

...that I am leaving on Thursday to fly to Chicago for my cousin's wedding.  Super excited?  Yes.  Worried sick about freezing off my hiney?  Yes.  Yes.  Absolutely yes.

I spoke to my Gram earlier this evening.  She informed me that it is going to be cold next weekend.  Very, very cold.

And I am wearing a skirt to the wedding.  And I am a southerner.  I have thin blood.

On Saturday (wedding day) the high is 23 and the low is 16.  That is without the wind chill. 

This means that I am going to have to dance extra hard on the dance floor to keep myself warm.  :)

A Trip to Target

Yesterday we went to Target.  Big surprise, I know.  But we went because Chris requested we go....

Chris:  I need to run into Target.
Angie:  That's fine, what do you need to get?
Chris:  Well, apparently I need a new pack of underwear because it seems that I'm down to three pairs.  Have you thrown away all of my underwear?
Angie:  Oh.  I may have thrown some away.  When I take them out of the dryer to fold, if they have any holes in them, I just toss them into the trash in the laundry room.  And there's been some with holes.
Chris:  Right.  But I'm down to three pairs.  Did you really need to throw away the rest of my underwear? And could you not have given me a heads up about it?
Angie:  Well, if they have holes in them...
Chris:  I'm going to need to see these "holes" next time you feel the need to throw my underwear out.  I'm not entirely convinced that I had that many pairs of underwear with actual holes in them.
Angie:  I'm not sure how you could've missed the holes.  Do you not notice them?
Chris:  Well, its not like I ever really look at my underwear.
Angie:  Listen.  Your underwear had holes in the ass of them.  Actual holes.  If the hole is big enough that you can have an anal exam without removing your underwear, then I throw them away. 

And there's the story of Chris's underwear that I was given permission to tell about on the blog.

Hi. My name is Angie and I have a problem with throwing away my husband's underwear.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Lost Week*

Well, we ended up being out of school for the whole week due to...first the snow, and then the ice that followed.  We were home (with the first part of the week being unable to get out of our driveway), all of, Chris and all three children.  Monday and Tuesday were okay.  Wednesday was bearable.  By Thursday we wanted to cry and by Friday Chris and I had devised a plan.  We didn't care how much ice was still out there, we needed some alone time.  So, he took the morning off and went out by himself and then I went out for the afternoon. 

Today we decided that the children also needed some time out of the house and went out for lunch, then on to Target.

Then tonight, the kids all went to Doe Doe and Pop Pop's house for a sleepover while Chris and I met up with Nick and Liz to celebrate Nick's 30th birthday.

We ate at Five and Ten, one of our most favorite special occasion restaurants in Athens.  Now, I will tell you this...I am not a foodie.  Shocking, I know.  But I do know that there are some people out there (ok, maybe just Joy) that will want to know what we, here it is

marinated olives
sweetbreads (I've taken the liberty of linking to wikipedia just in case you are - like I was - unfamiliar with what sweetbreads actually are.  They are not sweet.  Nor are they bread.  And no, I most certainly did not eat any of them.)
I had some kind of soup that was a special with white beans and grilled sourdough bread in it.
Liz had some kind of squash soup.
Main Dishes:
The boys had ribeye.
Liz had a pork chop something or other.
I had the pasta ribbons...which is the only main dish I have ever had there.
Chris had the creme brulee.
The rest of us had 2 scoops of ice cream each...
Nick - coconut with pomegranates on top and orange sherbert
Liz - crunchy toffee and vanilla
Me - the last scoop of salty caramel in the whole restaurant (outstanding) and pistachio

And so there you have it.  The full menu of the 30th birthday dinner of Nick.  And, of course, it should go without saying that I talked to myself all day about remembering to bring the camera...and then didn't.  I think the last time the 4 of us have had a picture together, well, I think our wedding.

*I will forever refer to this week as "The Lost Week"...which I did not come up with...Christy Beth did and I am totally using it.  One would think that with this blessing of an unexpected week off my house would be clean, the laundry would be done, cabinets and closets reorganized...but, um, no.  Because we were all home.  Just trying to survive us all being home.  Cleaning was pointless...because we were all home.  I did lots of loads of laundry this week...but that is most definitely never ending.  I am slightly ashamed of myself for the lack of things that got done this week.  I did, though, eat a tremendous amount.  I'm pretty sure that I gained 5 lbs.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf

Quinn is obsessed with all things boy....Dinosaurs, trains, cars, airplanes...and while this is not to say that he doesn't like to wear something silky from time to time, have his hair fixed with barrettes, or push a baby in a stroller (he does, after all, have two older sisters), he really, really loves boy things.  Which is odd for me because after having two girls I am very familiar with dressing up and having tea parties.  I am not really sure what to do with this child who's greatest joy in life is for you to "BOO" him so that he can scream and tell people that you scared him.  And don't plan on sitting on the floor with him for too long, he will eventually decide that you are down there for him to tackle.  Sometimes he gives you fair warning by yelling "Hut!" prior to the tackle.  And then there's this...he loves pretending to be the big, bad, wolf. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day Part 812

Ok.  Maybe its not day 812, but it sure does feel that way.  I left the house Saturday morning to go grocery shopping, I ran out Sunday late afternoon for a quick errand and I haven't been out since.  I believe I have taken Ike out twice in the past three days...Chris has been on that duty because the snow that was all beautiful Monday morning is now nothing but a sheet of ice.  A solid sheet of ice.  Like, it supports Ike, he doesn't fall through when walking on it, and it has made it quite difficult for him to relieve himself.  His legs just slide apart.  Poor, poor Ike.

You may be wondering why I have posted these pictures of Q.  Well, this was this morning's activity...washing the plastic dishes in the sink.  

Its very hard work.  Sometimes you have to grunt while doing the dishes.

He kept saying, "Washy, washy! And a splashy, splashy!"

And then, if you'll notice, he decided that it was best to wash without pants on.  And its Snow Day 812, so really, whatever.

And while Quinn was all washy, washy, and a splashy, splashy, Bikey was at his feet all sleepy, sleepy.

And, by the way, I think you need a pair of these for Valentine's Day, don't you?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Part Deux...and a Coupon!

And this is how we wrapped up our snow day yesterday.  Ike is exhausted.  He has decided that snow days are very hard on him because  1.  We are all home, which means he doesn't get his usual nap time, and it also takes a lot out of him trying to keep track of all 5 of us and 2.  Good Lord there have been a lot of people outside!  And he has to bark ferociously every time someone gets even remotely close to the homestead.  Thank God Chan was willing to snuggle up with him yesterday afternoon or else he never would have made it. 

And so here's the deal...  In honor of all the snow, and because I have nothing else to do (which is a complete lie...I have a ton of things to do, I just don't want to do them)...Here's a coupon code for you to use in the shop.  I'll keep it active for as long as I have snow days.  :)  When you check out, use this coupon code... SNOWDAY2 and receive 25% off your entire purchase.  Etsy will instantly take that off your total (excluding shipping).  If you are someone that I see in person and don't have to ship, I'll refund your shipping charges through paypal.  This code is different from the one that I am putting up on my shop get a little more as a thank you for reading my constant ramblings.  :)

Here's a peak at some of the new things that I have listed in the shop in the past couple of days...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Holy Snow Day, Batman!

This is what our backyard looked like this morning when we (Chris) woke up.  Holy snow day, Batman!  That is an awful lot of snow for us!  And it was beautiful.

Chris and the kids went out shortly after breakfast.  I stood in the garage and took these pictures as they were coming in.  I lived in Chicago as a child.  I've played in lots of snow.  I just don't really feel the need to be that cold.  And I prefer spending a snow day in my pajamas.  With a cup of coffee.  In my warm house.  Just sayin.  The girls were super cold and have decided not to go back out again today.  I don't blame them.

I took this picture of Q from the kitchen window.  Chris was trying to coax him back inside and he wasn't having it.  This picture was just before he started stomping his feet.  He was about to throw himself on the ground in a fit, but thought better of it.  I'm sure he worried that no one would pick him up out of the snow, and that was a valid worry.  We would pick him up if he fell, we might not pick him up if he threw himself down in a temper tantrum.

Oh, look, someone rethought his decision and decided to join the rest of the family in the warm house.

But he does LOVE the snow.  I think he is going to live somewhere up north when he grows up.  And then we won't see him during the winter months.  Because I just don't want to be that cold.

My husband is a genius.  Have I told you that?  Look at this forethought...he wrapped Q's feet in press n' seal wrap before going outside so that his tootsies didn't get all wet.  So very smart.  My mother told me that they used to wrap their feet in bread bags as children.  Also a very smart idea.

Speaking of genius...we don't have a snow shovel.  Chris has tried many different things in years past to shovel the driveway (like a cookie sheet), but this year he attempted to build his own snow shovel.  Its a box.  Cut apart.  And wrapped in duct tape.
Need I say more?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Just In!

{winter wedding mother of pearl necklace - $25}

{aqua dream necklace - $20}

{charmingly bright aqua swirl necklace - $28}

{charmingly brass pottery beads necklace - $28}
I put up some new listings in the shop this weekend.  And I tried some new photo techniques...I know that I am no Molly, but I was kinda pleased with myself.  Thinking outside of the box is actually kind of hard for me.  Shocking, I know.

Stay tuned though, because I think that there could be a flurry of new listings in the shop in the next couple of days.  Supposedly we are going to have a massive snow/ice storm has already been canceled, we are stocked up on foods that do not require refrigeration (just in case the power goes out), and Chris went on a firewood run this evening.  Mind you, we have never used our fireplace before, so should it come to that, I am glad that there is a fireman that lives across the street from us.  Just in case.  I mean, really, you never know.

And, to round out the evening news, Quinn officially has an imaginary friend.  Baby Bear.  He first appeared Friday morning and has shown up a few times over the weekend, but he hasn't left Quinn's side all night now and Quinn even just carried him upstairs with him for bed.  This isn't our first experience with imaginary friends...Chandler had one for several years - Buddy.  Buddy used to have to be buckled up in the backseat with them.  He rode in the grocery cart with them.  There was often screaming and crying if we went somewhere and left Buddy at home.  Ugh.  So, welcome to the family, Baby Bear, welcome.

Pretend You Don't Have a Sister

 {photo taken by Frankie at Stylized Portraiture, Aug. 10}

Do you see how happy and sweet these girls look?  They look kind and loving.  They look like they are best friends and take care of each other.  Looks can sometimes be deceiving.  Because the reality in our house these days is that they just want to beat the crap out of each other, and so they do.  On Monday, six days ago, Casey kicked Chandler in the tush and Chandler then slapped Casey in the face 5 times.  This morning?  Casey slapped Chandler in the face with a pair of shoes.  Here's what they had to say when I questioned them about it....
Casey went into Chandler's room with her tap shoes.  Chandler told her to leave, that she wanted some privacy, and Casey slapped her across the face with the shoes.  When I asked Casey why she did that she said it was because Chandler was about to hit her, that she was standing in the way that she stands when she is about to hit her and had the look on her face like she was about to hit her, so she went ahead and hit her first.  She was protecting herself.  So now the question is, do we separate them for the day, pretending that they don't have a sister, or should we tie them together?  On Monday, they didn't have a sister and were crying and hugging each other at the end of the day, but clearly that didn't even last a week.  I don't have a sister, so I just don't this normal?  Should I expect worse fighting because they are the same age?  Big sigh.  I think its going to be a long road until college.  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shenanigans A La Quinn

Just in case you haven't had enough of this boy, here's some more.  First, did you notice (if you got passed his painful grin) that he has a new haircut?  Or rather, that we are back to his old haircut?  I was trying to let his hair be long throughout the winter, but he really, really wanted it cut short.  He wanted it cut short so badly that he sat on a stool in the bathroom and let Chris buzz it and then he let me clean up around his ears.  Usually, we have to swipe him with the buzzer as he runs by.  It was actually a nice experience, this cutting the child's hair while he is sitting still.

 Awwww, look at this sweet, sweet boy.  I try to remember this sweet face when he is doing things like this...

Standing behind Casey while she is eating dinner, licking her head.  Yes, that's right, I said licking. 

And yes, it is dinner time and he is choosing to eat in his pull up and nothing else.  Which is an improvement from previous dinners, I think.

Although, he is still enjoying a large amount of his home time being nakey.  Like this morning, while watching t.v..  This outfit looks somewhat familiar, doesn't it? 

Shirt, athletic socks and nothing in between.