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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Very Humble, Shy Child

Casey started a new dance class last night.  She was excited to be back in Miss Bethany's class, but nervous about not knowing who was going to be in there.  When we arrived and she saw all of the other girls in the class and realized that she knew LOTS of them, she was ecstatic.

On the way home from class we had this conversation in the car...

Me:  So, Case, how was class?
Casey:  Pretty awesome.
Me:  Do you like the other girls?
Casey:  Oh, yes!  There's already a Casey fan club!
Me:  Um, what?!?
Casey:  Yeah, Missy and Brianna* are in it.
Me:  Oooooookkkkkkk.....I'm not really sure I understand this "club."
Casey:  I think that they just really respect my dancing.


*two girls that are younger than Casey, names changed to protect the innocent.


Bethany said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That's great. I'm glad she's back in my class :) I actually have someone else to add to the Casey Fan Club..... one of the Mom's came up to me after class and said how much she enjoyed watching Casey dance -- she specifically commented on how poised she was. ................. maybe let's not tell Casey this.... keep her head a little less inflated :)

sharonp said...

We need to work on that child's self esteem!

Emily said...

That is so awesome.