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Monday, January 31, 2011

My Son is a Genius

There are days when I truly think that Q is a genius.  Really.  But today was not one of them.

Today was the day that Q managed to get himself stuck in the stool at the island in the kitchen.  (See, even Ike can't believe this is going on.)

He just pointed at this picture and said, "That me!!!  Stuck!  Yesh, Mama, stuck!"

And then Chris had to get him out.

ps - Chan is on the mend.  But she has only eaten half a cup of food between Saturday morning and now, so I'll be home with her tomorrow.

pps - 13 days until my birthday.  I'm going to Paris.  Just kidding.  I'm not going to Paris.  Although I might go to the Hibachi restaurant up the road from my house.  Which has nothing to do with Paris.


Emily said...

Well, we've come full circle. Chris, the child who got his head stuck in everything, is now getting his own child unstuck. It brings a tear to the eye. :)

molly said...

Hmm, a little Houdini possibly? Although, now he needs to work on the escaping part.