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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dinner Conversation

Me:  Ooh, Case, I think you missed a button.  (referring to the 2nd button on her shirt that she wore allllll day)
Casey: (looking down)  Oh!  I did!  Whew!  Good thing I had a camisole on under it.
Me:  Yeah, good thing, otherwise people might have seen your boobies.
Casey:  No, I don't think they would have.  My boobies are up here.  (pointing to approx. 3 inches under her chin.)
Chandler:  Yeah, I like to call my boobies....tentacles. 

Ok.  Whatever.  Seriously? As Chris and I erupted in laughter....

Chandler:  What???!!!  Do boys have something that are called tentacles?  Because if so I'll need to come up with another name.

p.s.  Both girls have been reading over my shoulders as I wrote this and Chandler wanted to point out that all other words...boobs, boobies, breasts, etc.  are all just very uncomfortable to say.  Tentacles is clearly a better choice.


Emily said...

Well, it's sorta close to testicles but I think she could go with it. :)

sharonp said...

omg, I love that girl! I mean, why go out to a movie when you've got Chan?

Unknown said...

I want to know why Casey's are under her chin!

Crystal Farish said...

I am just dying with laughter right now. Sooooo funny.

flynn said...

Sweet lord, this made me laugh so hard the cats vamoosed into the air and woke up the husband sleeping under them. Scratched and sleepy, he only got madder when he asked "what was that?!" and I could only answer with "tentacles!"