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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Trip to Target

Yesterday we went to Target.  Big surprise, I know.  But we went because Chris requested we go....

Chris:  I need to run into Target.
Angie:  That's fine, what do you need to get?
Chris:  Well, apparently I need a new pack of underwear because it seems that I'm down to three pairs.  Have you thrown away all of my underwear?
Angie:  Oh.  I may have thrown some away.  When I take them out of the dryer to fold, if they have any holes in them, I just toss them into the trash in the laundry room.  And there's been some with holes.
Chris:  Right.  But I'm down to three pairs.  Did you really need to throw away the rest of my underwear? And could you not have given me a heads up about it?
Angie:  Well, if they have holes in them...
Chris:  I'm going to need to see these "holes" next time you feel the need to throw my underwear out.  I'm not entirely convinced that I had that many pairs of underwear with actual holes in them.
Angie:  I'm not sure how you could've missed the holes.  Do you not notice them?
Chris:  Well, its not like I ever really look at my underwear.
Angie:  Listen.  Your underwear had holes in the ass of them.  Actual holes.  If the hole is big enough that you can have an anal exam without removing your underwear, then I throw them away. 

And there's the story of Chris's underwear that I was given permission to tell about on the blog.

Hi. My name is Angie and I have a problem with throwing away my husband's underwear.


sharonp said...

Talk about airing your dirty laundry!

Crystal Farish said...

My name is Crystal, and I have that same problem!

Loved this post. Way funny.