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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Spelling Bee

The girls have been hard at work, quizzing each other THE WHOLE WAY home with spelling bee words.  {shoot me now}

This was what happened today:

Casey:  Solve.
Chandler:  What?
Casey:  The word is:  solve.
Chandler: s-u-l-v-e
Casey:  Egh.  Wrong!  Try again...solve.
Chandler: n-o-c-h-o
Casey:  WHAT?????  What word is that????  That doesn't sound anything like solve!!!
Chandler:  I know.  I'm not spelling solve.  I'm spelling nacho. 
Casey:  Whaaaattttt????  But your word isn't nacho!!!!
Chandler:  It's three words down on the list.  And I'd rather spell nacho.
Casey:  *disgusted, big sigh*  Well, you spelled nacho wrong too. 

Humph.  Something tells me that we won't be going to the National Spelling Bee this year.

What We Wore Wednesday Week 25 - Family Picture Edition

{Linking up with Lindsey!!!}

No joke, I picked our outfits out for our family picture in September.  And it was November before we actually had it done.  Ugh.  I am so horrible at scheduling and making appointments these days.

Anyway, here we are.... {drumroll, please}

khaki cords - Old Navy
brown striped polo - Gymboree (consignment sale)
navy blue tennis shoes - Target

denim jacket - Old Navy
cranberry crochet top sweater dress - Old Navy
brown boots - gift from Meme

jeweled cardi - Old Navy
jeans - Gap
brown mary janes - Payless

flower print dress - Gap Outlet
orange cardi - Gap Outlet
boots - Target (last year)

argyle sweater - Banana Republic Outlet
jeans - Banana Republic Outlet
brown shoes - Bass Outlet

I kind of felt like we were a catalog family that day.  Like we had just stepped out of a catalog.  Does that ever happen to you???

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decorating For Christmas

We did our decorating over the weekend.  **Note.  I am not a fan of decorating.**  I'm sure that you thought that I would be...since I'm kind of a crafty and such.  But no.

Anywho, we put up the tree.

That really wore Bikey out...
I had a very LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG talk with the children - Q in particular - about not touching my nativity set.  I haven't had it out in years - first the girls were too little and then Q was too little....big sigh...for as much as I hate decorating, I love this nativity.  LOVE.  Like, it makes my heart sing, kind of love.  And I find myself walking through the foyer instead of the kitchen just so that I can look at it some more.

When I was a mere babe and foolishly decided to get married (and divorced) while in college (undergrad), my dear wonderful Aunt Judy MADE this nativity set for me as a shower gift.  While I was completely blown away by it, being that I was young and foolish, I don't think that I ever expressed my proper gratitude to her.  The time that this must have taken her.  Sheesh.  I can't even begin to imagine.  She poured the molds, fired them in the kiln, painted each piece by hand...amazing.

You want to see it, don't you?  Good.  Because I want to show it to you.  (Don't mind the table.)

Here's the whole crowd....

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  Joseph looks kind of shifty, doesn't he?  Like he might be looking for a way out of this deal?  Just askin.

Here's the shepherds and the animals...

And here are our friends, the Three Wise Men.  They are my favorite.  She bejeweled them...even the camels (who are oh so cute).  Again, the time and attention to detail...blows me away.

So, say an extra prayer that Q resists the urge to touch any of them.  {We're a few days in and so far so good.}

After all the decorating, we watched White Christmas.  This is the first year that the girls REALLY loved it...and that makes me REALLY happy!

ps - Have you shopped the Belle Chic sale????  There's still time!  Go.  Shop.  And may the force be with you.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holy Super Sale, Batman! {hello, cyber monday}

So, I think we all know by now that I have a big Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale going on in the shop.  Right?  We DO all know that, don't we?  Mainly because I can't stop yapping about it. 

But here's something else that is going on today and tomorrow...I am also running a few of my things on SUPER SALE at Belle Chic.  Seriously.  SUPER SALE.  That has to be typed in all caps.  It's that SUPER.

These items...

...are even further reduced at Belle Chic!  So, you're going to want to pass this information along.  Tell a friend or two (or 12, whatever)...but not before you finish your shopping there first.  There are limited quantities for each item and once they're sold out, well, then they're just sold out.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I posted a few new things in the shop today...Yay!!!  Such a sense of accomplishment when I make things, photograph them, edit the pictures, AND get everything listed in one day!  :)

First up, the Wishing Necklaces.  Love them.  Simple, fun, made with sterling silver OR vermeil. 

Moonstone Collection.  More pieces to come.  But for now, know that this necklace is to die for.  Seriously.

A few more pieces to add to the Royale Collection.  Because really, how can the Royale Collection NOT include a crown????  That is the question that I have for you.

Holiday Earrings.  Perfection.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Aftermath

Goodness.  I can't believe that it is Sunday.  Already.  This break flew by in record time.  Here's the run down...

1.  On Wednesday we did a lot of cleaning.  And a lot of jewelry stuff.  It wasn't a very exciting day.   But necessary.

2.  On Thursday morning I called Mom.  This is how our conversation went...
Me:  So, you don't want to keep my kids, do you?
Mom:  Sure.
Me:  Really?  Like we can leave them there today?
Mom:  Sure.  I don't see why not.
Me:  And they can stay until Saturday?
Mom:  Yep.  Let me double check with Tom, but I don't see a problem with that.

What, what????????  Score!  So, we quickly packed clothes for the kids and broke the news to them that they would be having 2 sleepovers at Meme's.  There was some screaming and squealing involved.

3.  We had a fantastic lunch at Mom's.  Matt and Chalise were in town from Texas, Ann and Randall came over, and it was just us.  And I like it that way.  Perfect.  Mom made stuffing which was Q's favorite thing on the menu.  He kept asking for more "fluffing."  There are pictures from this event on many cameras out there...just not on mine.  I didn't take a single picture.  Isn't that the worst???  I hate it when I do that!  Especially because I know there are pictures out there of Matt, Randall and Tom picking the turkey apart...and then of Matt making the carcass dance.  It was one of the most disgusting (and hilarious) things I have ever seen.  I also should have taken a picture of the to-die-for rum balls that Ann made.  Sheesh.  I think I may have eaten a dozen of them.

4.  And then - holy smokes! - we left our kids out there! 

5.  We stopped by a couple of Michael's stores on the way home - picked up some big blocks for Q.  The plan is to build some monstrosity for Christmas morning with them and fill said monstrosity with balloons.  I don't think any thing would make him happier.  Best part?  40% off.  Hooray!

6.  We ate grilled cheese sandwiches and french onion soup for dinner.  Leaving the children with mom meant that we didn't get any left overs.  Ugh.

7.  We left the house around 9ish to go and stand in this line...

This is our local Target at about 9:45pm on Thanksgiving.  The doors opened at midnight.  We were in by 12:10.  It was AWESOME.  Let me just tell you, I have quite a few Black Fridays under my belt and this was really just about the best one ever.  First of all, it was date night for Chris and I.  We were determined to have fun no.matter.what.  We made friends with the people around us in line - a couple about our age were in front of us and then a redneck guy was behind us - his wife was at the Wal Mart.  They were trying a divide and conquer tactic.  We had a list of things that we wanted to get, but if we didn't get them, it wasn't going to be a big deal.  BUT....we managed to get EVERYTHING that we came for!  Can you believe that luck!???!  Super AWESOME!  
It was 12:48 when we were pulling out of the Target parking lot.  We moved on to Old Navy...madhouse...Macy's and a few other mall stops and then Toys R US.  We could get in and move around at the Toys R Us...but the line...oy vay.  Not good.  Those poor people probably spent hours waiting to get in the store and then hours waiting to check out.  Not fun, if you ask me.

I really think that everyone should take a cue from Target.  Such a pleasant experience.

8.  We got home a little after 3am.  I can't tell you when the last time was that I was out driving around at 3am.  

9.  We slept until 11ish.  Ate some lunch, lounged around, and then decided to head back out for a little bit.  

We have a few odds and ends pieces still to get, but otherwise, Christmas around here is DONE.  Hooray.  Now if only the elves would appear to wrap all of this stuff.

10.  We ended Friday by eating at Olive Garden.  It had been soooooo long since we'd been there.  And since we had no kids with us, we ordered dessert.  Mine came in a liquid form.

This would be a Toasted Marshmallow Amour.  I highly recommend it.  Seriously.  
11.  Then, because my sleeping schedule was all thrown off, I couldn't go to sleep until 12:30.  Not good, Friends, not good.

12.  Saturday morning I headed out to Mom's to pick up the kids.  We ordered pizza for lunch and watched the Ga. vs. Ga. Tech game.  I love it when Georgia beats some Ga. Teach hiney.  Just sayin.

13.  Chris stayed home to WORK.  Blah.  Blech.  Yuck.

Whew!  I feel like I am still in recovery mode.  I definitely need a few more days off to catch my breath.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

This Is Me. {black friday sale info}

This is me.  Angie.  {And my husband...his name is Chris.  I love his bald head.  Just in case you were wondering.}

These are my pretty fantastic kids.

{the oldest by one minute}

{our middle child}

Leo Quinn 
{the boy}
{pictures from Abby Libsack Photography}

These are just a very few of the things are in my etsy shop

...and they are all on sale 
{25% off} 
 a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!!
 p.s. - I'd love for you to stick around and become a follower!  ;)


Thankful. Part IV

When I was a child, my younger brother was getting all heated up at the dinner table in a conversation with my father and my dad was all chill and laid back.  My brother, exasperated, finally said, "Why is everything in your life such a joke???!!!"  My father raised his eyebrows at my brother, looked around the table, let out a sly grin and replied, "I only have three jokes in my life.  You. You. And You."  As he said that, he pointed at me and my two younger brothers.

We all sat there in silence.  No one was really sure what to say after that.  None of us really got it. 

But now?  Now I get it.

And I am thankful for these jokes that I have in my life.

Not like a joke as in something that I don't take seriously, but a joke as in something that makes me laugh.  And everyday these little people make me laugh.  Even on my worst day the girls will have a spur of the moment dance party in the living room and I laugh.  Or Quinn says something amazing, like today when he decided that he wanted his first name to be Log.  And then he told our waiter that his name was Log.  That's funny.  And even though I didn't really want to, I laughed.  A lot. 

Don't get me wrong, it is really, really hard work...this whole parenting business.  And a good 90% of the time I really, really don't know what I am doing.  So I should also say that I am thankful that 90% of the time the kids don't know that I don't know what I am doing.  See, it all works out in the end.

Just like I can't imagine my life without my parents, or without Chris, I can't envision a day without  my jokes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Few New Shop Things

Putting up a few new shops in the shop tonight!  More to come over the weekend!  Yay!

Fun new earrings...

The original Emerald City Collection sold out, so I've put together a Part II.  :)

Thankful. Part III

I am thankful for Chris.  This man of mine.  But this picture of us (the first picture of us ever) was taken before we started dating...when we were just friends (you know, when he was my student teacher)...when I thought to myself that whoever ended up with him would be so lucky...and he thought that I was hot.

You see, I thought that because Chris is kind.  And smart.  And has an unbelievable sense of humor.  And he was spectacular with my children.  Because at the time, I was a very single mom with 3 year old twin girls.  So, dating me was like becoming an instant family, which made it kind of hard to date. 

But with Chris, I truly think that the girls were a bonus for him.  He loved them like they were his from day one.  And when we got married, he told them...on a front of both of our families...that they were his and that he not only chose me, but he chose them too.  He wanted them to be his daughters.   {heart melting}

 When we got married, I was pretty firm that I didn't want any more children.  But having such a healthy, normal, loving relationship with Chris made we think that perhaps we should have just one more.

And so we had Quinn.  Have I ever told you Chris's philosophy on newborns?  He repeatedly told me that I had taken on the first nine months, and so he felt that he owed me a nine month period. 

On top of all that, Chris is an incredible father.  He is the kind that plays in the snow, that does projects and lets them cook with him.  He watches movies and takes them out and about with him.  He makes pancakes with them on Saturday mornings.  He reads bedtime stories and takes care of them when they are sick.

Chris is pretty amazing.  He is exactly what I want, what I need in my life.  And I can't imagine being without him.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why the Woods are Dangerous...According to Quinn

He talked about this the WHOLE way home from the sitter's today, so when we pulled into the driveway I interviewed him.  I knew that he would be instantly distracted in the house and it was just TOO good.  And now I know, I should turn on the light in the car for such an interview.  Sorry it's so dark.  :(

Thankful. Part II

I am thankful for my aunt and uncle.  While my parents did an extraordinary job of being, you know, my aunt and uncle did an extraordinary job of being those people.  I knew that my parents had to love me.  They had to think I was great, beautiful, funny, smart, etc...because they were my parents.  So part of me kind of doubted when they told me those things.  But when Aunt Patti and Uncle Russ told me those things?  Weeellllll, that was a different story.  They weren't my parents and they still thought those things.  So it must be true.  You understand that logic, don't you?

So when I doubted my parents, I had these people to cheer me on.  To support me.  To lift me up.  And I think that every child should have people like that in their lives.

And speaking of people cheering me on...Let me tell you about this woman.

This is my Gram.  She is a woman who knows how to live life.  She laughs a lot.  And she helps me laugh a lot too.  And laughter is important.

I really wish that I had a picture of all four of my grandparents together, or at least two and two on my computer, because I have a hard time talking about Gram without thinking about Papa.  He teased me unmercifully.  It usually went something like this...
Papa:  I can't believe you're my granddaughter.  I have a dago for a granddaughter.  Sheesh.
Me:  You have hair growing in your ears.
Papa:  Dumb dago.
Me:  You also have hair growing off your nose.  Right there.  On your NOSE.
Papa:  You think that's funny, do ya?
Me:  Yeah.  I do.
Papa:  Well, I think its funny that I love you.

And then he would dance with me in the living room.  And then he would take Gram for a spin around the room while I sat on the couch and watched them.

And my dad's parents.  I could write a whole post just about them.  Seriously.  They taught me hard work, perseverance, having pride in being American.  They moved to this country from Italy and while they celebrated being Italian, eating Italian, speaking Italian and being members of the Italian club, they were also incredibly proud of their American family.

And then there is this girl...

Clearly I need a more recent picture of Molly and I.  This one is from last October...since then, she has lost quite a bit of weight (looks amazing!) and I have gained quite a bit of weight.  Eek!  But I am thankful for Molly...and for our friendship that has spanned almost 20 years.  Which is crazy, if you ask me.  Pure craziness.  But, she is one of those true, loyal that I know will be with me until the end.  The knowledge of that makes me feel incredibly blessed.  And thankful.

Disclaimer:  My life is really full of amazing people.  Truly.  And I don't have pictures of all of them.  So this post is somewhat lacking, and for that I apologize. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

One Day Down.

One day down.  One day to go. 


We are so in need of this break.  Desperate need.  A time to regroup, to recharge, {to restock the shop}.  Big sigh.

Last night I made chili for dinner.  Quinn apparently doesn't like chili and asked for some bread on the side.  So I gave it to him.  And then he asked for cheese.  Again, no problem.  Then he requested blueberries.  Little did I know that my son was making a blueberry and cheese sandwich on honey wheat.

And yes, he is eating dinner topless.  I find this to be a vast improvement from the days when he ate without bottoms.

Speaking of bottoms, if he told my mother once this weekend he told her a dozen times...

"Meme, I don't say BUTT, I say bottom."


"Meme, I don't say what the heck, I say oh my goodness."

And then every time she would slip and say butt or what the heck, he made sure to correct her.

Hey!  Do you read Meg's Whatever blog?  I love it.  And I loved being a sponsor of her last craft weekend!  This was posted today on the Craft Weekend blog...just thought I would share.  :)

Happy Monday!

Thankful. Part I

I am thankful for my parents.  All six of them.  

My mom and dad divorced when I was really young.  For a long time, I would imagine all of these crazy scenarios where they would get back together and my stepmom and stepdad would get married and live next door to us.  Crazy, I know.  But the fact was that no matter how badly I wanted a "normal" family, I also always wanted my stepparents to continue being a part of my life...a part of raising me and molding me into who I am today.  It feels strange to even type the words, stepmom, stepdad, stepparents...because they aren't step anything.  They are my parents in the same way that my mom and dad are.  And I can't imagine my life with their influences, their guidance, their love.

And now that I am an adult, I have no idea how my parents stayed together for as long as they did.  Really.  They are so completely opposite from one another.  Which, in turn, has made me a much more well rounded person.  

My mom and I talk on a daily basis.  Sometimes multiple times in a day.  If I have a joy or concern or need someone to laugh with or cry with...she is the first person that I call.  And I really don't know what I would do without her.  So let's not think about that.  Ok?  Ok.

Several years ago my world was rocked when my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  I have a hard time even typing that sentence without crying.  {Ugh.  Sheesh.  In a puddle over here.}  My dad is who I call when I need a laugh.  I get my ability to swear freely from him.  My dad also knows how to fix anything.  Seriously.  An.y.thing.  It's pretty amazing.  I also named my son after him (even prior to the whole cancer bit) because I love him.  Admire him.  Am proud of him. We have spent the past 26 years living 800 miles apart.  We talk often and it is always without bounds. 

{Don't you love how completely ridiculous my children look in this picture?  Awesome.}

I also consider Chris's parents to be my parents.  I can't tell you how many times I have called Sharon to ask her for opinions on parenting issues.  She is the first person I call when I have an illness question.  When Chan was cheering, there were several games when Ross went with me to support her while Chris was home with Quinn.  They are both amazing grandparents and amazing role models.

I am thankful for my parents.  All six of them.

Sunday, November 20, 2011 I love this child.

When my mother arrived on Saturday, I told her that her main job was to ensure that I didn't kill any of the children. 


I am not kidding.

She offered to clean the bathrooms and mop the kitchen floor.  I took a pass on those things and again gave her her weekend job description...Protector of Children.

Although, it would be difficult to kill this one...she's just too cute...and slightly awkward...which makes her even cuter if you ask me.

This is Chan being sad.

Why is she wearing that outfit?  I have no idea.  She spent two hours in her room cleaning and this is how she came downstairs.  Purple jeggings, yellow tutu, penguin shirt and a winner of a hat.

This is Chan being happy.  Aw, yeah, boyzzzzzz....

And here is a close up picture of the creation on her head.  Just in case you need one.  I know I did.

She crocheted it completely by herself.  I think it kind of looks like the hat (not the colors, of course, but the style) on the singing telegram girl in the movie Clue.  And that kind of creeps me out.  Her stitches though, are tremendous.  Like, really, really good (in her mother's opinion) for a nine year old and I am totally encouraging this craft....I could use a new sweater and I think she's just the girl to make it for me. 

Of course, my sweater might have three arms and have to be tied together with yarn in the back.  Just sayin.

I hope you like it.  You might be getting one from her as a Christmas present this year.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Visit Me at A Little Etsy Love! {and more}

Hi Friends!  I seem to be, er, um, falling behind a little bit.  Imagine that.  Apparently I need Chris here so he can cook and I can blog.  :)

We do, jokingly, tell people that all the time....he cooks...I blog.  But in a way it's true.  While he is cooking I am usually sitting at the kitchen table, blogging and emailing, and laughing, joking, talking about our day with Chris.  It's kind of a nice thing.  The children play upstairs and we have a few minutes to ourselves. 

So, considering that I have been busy ordering pizza, chinese and driving thru McDonald's while he's been gone, I have fallen behind on my blogging.  :)

BUT, I did manage to crank out my posts for A Little Etsy Love and you should visit me there!  This week I posted about Twillypop (with a coupon and a giveaway!).  OMG I love that shop!  And I love this bracelet.  How darling and perfect would it be to wear to a Georgia game??!!

I also posted about Elizabeth St.  And I think we all already know how much I love that shop too.  :)  Betsy is offering an awesome discount for etsy love readers, but its only good through the next week.  Perfect for someone to use to buy these origami globes for me.  Because, really, the more I look at them the more I think I must have them.

Anyway, I am cleaning my house like a mad woman this morning.  My mom is coming out around lunchtime.  The Georgia game starts around noon, so we were trying to have her not get stuck in traffic.  Hazard of living near Athens. 

I also have a tremendous amount of jewelry stuff to get done this weekend/this week, to prepare for the holiday season.  {You do have some IKE & CO on your wishlist this year, don't you???}

I have some really awesome stories to share about the kiddos and hopefully I can get those up this week too.  Mainly because I know you need a good laugh and my children are REALLY good at providing that, but also because this blog is my journal of their childhoods.  I think they will one day really appreciate that I documented their adolescence on the internet for all the world to see.

I hope you are all having one heckuva Saturday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Athens

It has really been amazing to me...the persistence of this group in Athens.  I see them everyday on my way to work when I pass the Arches...

I think the protestors were still asleep in their tents.  It is, after all,  7am when I am rolling through town.  

CNN posted this video today talking about the movement and I think it's a pretty good explanation of what's going on.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday Week 25

Linking up with Lindsey for another week of WIWW!

Family Picture Day!!!  {and I can't wait to show you what everyone else wore too!}

dress - gap outlet 
orange cardi - gap outlet
boots - target

jewelry - ike & co

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Molly's House

I had not seen Molly since July.  July, people.  That's a really long time.  So I met up with her Sunday morning for breakfast.  This is when I seem to have time in my schedule.  The breakfast hour.  Crazy, right?  So I went over to Molly's house for breakfast and every time I step through her door I fall in love with her house all over again.  And then I snap pictures like a fool.  (to write a blog post, of course.)  And she laughs at me.  And I laugh at myself because I realize that I really am like my father.  Only instead of taking a bazillion pictures of the animals at the zoo, I take a bazillion pictures of the knick knacks at my best friend's house.

Do you see this mantel?  Do you see this camera collection?  At one point while we were sitting, drinking our coffee and chatting, I told her that I was going to swipe everything off the mantel into my purse and take it home with me.  Would she notice?  :)  And the hosiery legs?  Fabulous.  Dish of succulents on the coffee table?  Fabulous.

Cutest dinosaur ever?  Yes, she does have the cutest dinosaur ever.

This is the other wall in her living room...

Do you see that on the top?  Power lines.  For decoration.  Not vintage.  CB2.  And I love the collection of everything on top of the bookcases.

Speaking of bookcases.  Big sigh.  I have dreams of this bookcase.

In her dining room she has a collection of little clocks.  And a few more cameras for good measure.

Center piece on the dining room table?  Yep, Bambi in covered dish.  Just as cute as cute can be.

Next time I'm over there I'll sneak pics of the spare bedroom.  Lovely.  Quaint.  Oh, so very Molly.

She is always my inspiration decorator.