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Monday, November 21, 2011

One Day Down.

One day down.  One day to go. 


We are so in need of this break.  Desperate need.  A time to regroup, to recharge, {to restock the shop}.  Big sigh.

Last night I made chili for dinner.  Quinn apparently doesn't like chili and asked for some bread on the side.  So I gave it to him.  And then he asked for cheese.  Again, no problem.  Then he requested blueberries.  Little did I know that my son was making a blueberry and cheese sandwich on honey wheat.

And yes, he is eating dinner topless.  I find this to be a vast improvement from the days when he ate without bottoms.

Speaking of bottoms, if he told my mother once this weekend he told her a dozen times...

"Meme, I don't say BUTT, I say bottom."


"Meme, I don't say what the heck, I say oh my goodness."

And then every time she would slip and say butt or what the heck, he made sure to correct her.

Hey!  Do you read Meg's Whatever blog?  I love it.  And I loved being a sponsor of her last craft weekend!  This was posted today on the Craft Weekend blog...just thought I would share.  :)

Happy Monday!

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