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Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Monday...

...and this is what I know...

1.  I am already tired.  Never good on a Monday when the whole rest of the week is staring you in the face.
2.  I have PTO and a Reading Block Party tomorrow night for school.  I won't be home until late.  Like after the kids go to bed, late.  Ugh.
3.  Chris and I both have mega meetings after school on Wednesday.  He won't be home until late.  Like after dinner, late.
4.  Chris flies to Chicago for NCTE on Thursday.  Where he will be presenting.  At a National conference.  **go, Chris, go,'s your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday (and now I am doing the running man and the cabbage patch, or Charlie Brown, whichever)**  I am very proud of him.  And slightly jealous.
5.  OMG, Chris leaves on Thursday!
6.  I am heading out to my mom's after work on Friday with the three children and Ike. 
7.  I plan on sleeping in on Saturday.  And perhaps Sunday, too.  Just sayin.  I'm also going to let my mom cook for me. 
8.  Then I only have to make it through Monday and Tuesday of next week.
9.  But first have to make it TO Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Before I can make it THROUGH them.
10.  I just don't know if I can do it.


Michele said...

Such is my life...except my husband is not flying to Chicago and I only have two kiddos! I'm soooooooooo tired, too. Thanksgiving break come quickly. We get early release on Tuesday, woo hoo!

Angie said...

Ohhhhhh, early release.... you're so lucky! Some systems by us have THE WHOLE WEEK off!

And an update on my current week...Chan's sick. Chris is staying with her today - think it might be strep. :(