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Sunday, November 20, 2011 I love this child.

When my mother arrived on Saturday, I told her that her main job was to ensure that I didn't kill any of the children. 


I am not kidding.

She offered to clean the bathrooms and mop the kitchen floor.  I took a pass on those things and again gave her her weekend job description...Protector of Children.

Although, it would be difficult to kill this one...she's just too cute...and slightly awkward...which makes her even cuter if you ask me.

This is Chan being sad.

Why is she wearing that outfit?  I have no idea.  She spent two hours in her room cleaning and this is how she came downstairs.  Purple jeggings, yellow tutu, penguin shirt and a winner of a hat.

This is Chan being happy.  Aw, yeah, boyzzzzzz....

And here is a close up picture of the creation on her head.  Just in case you need one.  I know I did.

She crocheted it completely by herself.  I think it kind of looks like the hat (not the colors, of course, but the style) on the singing telegram girl in the movie Clue.  And that kind of creeps me out.  Her stitches though, are tremendous.  Like, really, really good (in her mother's opinion) for a nine year old and I am totally encouraging this craft....I could use a new sweater and I think she's just the girl to make it for me. 

Of course, my sweater might have three arms and have to be tied together with yarn in the back.  Just sayin.

I hope you like it.  You might be getting one from her as a Christmas present this year.

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sharonp said...

That is one amazing hat! She definitely needs pop pop's advanced class.