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Monday, November 14, 2011

Wishlist Part I

I am having a hard time making my wishlist this year.  I don't know why.  Maybe there are just too many wonderful things out there.  :) 

Like I really want some of these...

I feel like we need new glasses.  And I really, really, love vintage state things.
Vintage state things + Glasses = a happy Angie

And I could definitely use some new vintage plates for the plate wall.  In love with the art institute plate.  I would happily hang all three of these.

This is such a great etsy shop...That Old Blue House...I am smitten with these two in particular.

And while I know that my love for Vera runs strong and true (Happy Snails Bowler, yes, please.), I would certainly love to give one of these bags a try.  Cute, cute, cute!

1.  lucy jane purse
2.  made by hank
3.  lucy jane purse

I always love new things to hang on the wall.  I have had all of these prints favorited on etsy for quite some time now.  I can just never make up my mind.  I love them all.  And that tends to be a problem.
1.  winter rains
2.  the way you think
3.  I believe...
4.  happiness is homemade
6.  be awesome today
7.  make today ridiculously amazing
8.  a true love story never ends
9.  chicago limited edition
10.  chicago streets
11.  chicago lakefront
12.  italy

And then there are all of these awesome things that I just love, love, love.  Big sigh.  Do you see the problem in making a wishlist???  Too many decisions to make. 

one.  ruffled scarf
two. eva necklace
three.  twillypop bracelet
four.  felted brooch
five.  gray cloche
six.  linen love studs
seven. poor robin button bracelet
eight.  modern necklace
nine. twillypop bracelet
ten.  hippie necklace

Perhaps a paypal giftcard would be best.  :)

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