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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Molly's House

I had not seen Molly since July.  July, people.  That's a really long time.  So I met up with her Sunday morning for breakfast.  This is when I seem to have time in my schedule.  The breakfast hour.  Crazy, right?  So I went over to Molly's house for breakfast and every time I step through her door I fall in love with her house all over again.  And then I snap pictures like a fool.  (to write a blog post, of course.)  And she laughs at me.  And I laugh at myself because I realize that I really am like my father.  Only instead of taking a bazillion pictures of the animals at the zoo, I take a bazillion pictures of the knick knacks at my best friend's house.

Do you see this mantel?  Do you see this camera collection?  At one point while we were sitting, drinking our coffee and chatting, I told her that I was going to swipe everything off the mantel into my purse and take it home with me.  Would she notice?  :)  And the hosiery legs?  Fabulous.  Dish of succulents on the coffee table?  Fabulous.

Cutest dinosaur ever?  Yes, she does have the cutest dinosaur ever.

This is the other wall in her living room...

Do you see that on the top?  Power lines.  For decoration.  Not vintage.  CB2.  And I love the collection of everything on top of the bookcases.

Speaking of bookcases.  Big sigh.  I have dreams of this bookcase.

In her dining room she has a collection of little clocks.  And a few more cameras for good measure.

Center piece on the dining room table?  Yep, Bambi in covered dish.  Just as cute as cute can be.

Next time I'm over there I'll sneak pics of the spare bedroom.  Lovely.  Quaint.  Oh, so very Molly.

She is always my inspiration decorator.


Paige said...

SOunds like a fun visit! Very cool pics. Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Farish said...

what a fun house!

molly said...

You are so cute and sweet. You have amazing taste too. I'm so glad we were able to hang out. It was the perfect morning.