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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yay! Another sick child!

Chris got the call at 3:45 to come and get the girls from of them had thrown up all over in the cafeteria. Turns out it was Casey. She has continued vomiting over the course of the evening. With bloodshot eyes, while hunched over the trash can (she couldn't make it to the bathroom) she says, "Mama, if you hear me throwing up in the middle of the night, its ok. You don't have to get up, I know how to empty the trash can." So I replied, "Case, if you're throwing up, holler for us and we'll be right in here." And she said, "But what if you're sleeping? I CAN do it, Mama." My response: "I'm sure you can, cause you are a big girl, but we're your parents. We're supposed to go without sleep. It's what we're made for."

Big sigh.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not really sure when this will end...

So, I am at home...with a sick Quinn..again! Chris got the call to come and get him from the sitter's yesterday (due to vomiting), so he was home with him yesterday, I'm home today and its back to Chris tomorrow. He has had a stuffy nose and a little bit of a cough, so we were thinking that it was sinus drainage that was upsetting his tummy (and tooth #2 has just pushed through), but then this afternoon he started with the dreaded, horrible smelling, diarrhea! I just have no idea...except that I am down to 3 sick days left for the school year. YIKES!

All I know is that the girls are having their b-day party a week from Sunday and Quinn Boy has to get well!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pictures I have meant to post...but, failed to...until now!

Quinn and his new friend, Javi, us and the Wylies heading out to American Girl for Ella's Birthday, and my three sweet children! Chandler apparently likes the way Quinn smells!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Funny Story

Last week in the media center I read the book Humpty Dumpty Climbs Again (Horowitz) to my kindergarten classes. This week as I was starting a new book, someone asked if we were going to read about Humpty Dumpty again...

Me: No, not this week, remember, we read a story about Humpty Dumpty last week.
Student 1: Who even was Humpty Dumpty?
Student 2: He was a fat, white guy!
Me: No, Humpty Dumpty wasn't a fat, white guy, he was a egg. Remember? That was why he broke apart and they couldn't put him back together again.
Student 2: He wasn't an egg! He was a FAT, WHITE GUY!
Me: No, I'm pretty sure he was an egg. He maybe looked like a fat, white guy, but he was an egg.
Student 2: Nope, a fat, white guy.
Me: The story is that he was an egg.
Student 2: Well, then why did the egg have arms and legs?

Good questioning skills, my friend, but you fail in imagination.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Happy Day...inspite of...

the fact that I got hit on my way to work this morning! Argh! Turning left at the inter of Hwy 129 and Hwy 11 - someone was running the red light when I was turning to get out of the middle of the intersection. The officer initially said that it was the other driver's fault, but we'll see once I pick up the police report. I'm ok, and the car is still driveable, but my bumper exploded off the car on impact. Very scary, indeed.

On the happier note, (again not meaning to talk politics on my blog, but, it is my blog, and today is a big day), I spent the day like the majority of the nation, glued to the tv with chills running up and down my arms. I am ready to be part of the change in America. I am ready for a new day. As Chris and I are watching the Neighborhood Ball, I am in awe of the support and love for one another as Americans come together in ways that have not happened before. God bless America.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another no picture post

I'm not really sure what is up with the "no picture" posts lately, but hopefully that will change soon...just not today! :) The girls have been spending their MLK weekend at Meme and Pop's house having all sorts of big fun. They went to the movies, had hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows in the fireplace, played in the yard with the dog...Today they were going to stay inside, snuggled up watching movies...This was conversation that I had this morning with my mother...

Mom: So we're digging out a box of movies from the basement to look for something "new" to watch today. I'm thinking Forrest Gump.
Me: Seriously? You're thinking about letting the seven year olds watch Forrest Gump? Really?
Mom: What? That's a funny movie.
Me: Seriously?
Mom: What? No?
Me: Um, yeah, no. Forrest Gump? Come on, Mom, amputee Captain Dan with the prostitutes, Bubba dies, Jenny dies, hell, Jenny plays Joan Biaz music on stage with nothing on but her guitar, the scenes in Vietnam, Forest is teased terribly throughout his whole life, and God only knows what else I've forgotten to mention. Um, definitely not.
Mom: Well I think it's only rated PG.
Me: The answer is still no. What are your other choices?
Mom: Home Alone?
Me: Better.

I mean, really, can you believe that??? Is my mother losing it???
Quinn has had an on and off weekend. Yesterday was a great day! Chris and I took him out shopping - he LOVES to ride in his stroller, and out to lunch. Then, when we got home, he got to take a nap in our big bed with Chris. But today...eesh! We think that he is having some reflux issues. The doctor said that we were feeding him too much before, but we've cut 10oz of formula out and he is still spitting up (a lot!) 2 to 3 hours after he's had anything to eat. And really, I just don't know where the day has gone!

**And, just so you know, I looked up good ole Forrest Gump and it is rated PG-13. I hope that would have stopped my mother.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Still Sick

Quinn is STILL sick! This is day 6 of nonstop yucky poopoos. For 6 days, our house has been the house of no fun. Chris, Chan and I have all had a touch of it...not Casey though, she apparently has a stomach of steel. I have put in a call to the doctor because nothing seems to be helping and he is REFUSING to drink any more pedialyte. Which, I don't really blame him. Have you tasted it???

Yesterday was pretty close to being a day from hell. It was Chris's turn to stay home with the boy, so I took the girls to school, went to work, then had a professional development segment on creating rubrics (like I a. didn't learn enough about this at my old school and b. give grades in the media center) until 4:30, which meant I wasn't home until after 5, and then had to leave around 6 to make it to a grad school class at Gwinnett...which lasted until a little after 9. Sheesh! So I got home around 10, put on my jammies, brushed my teeth and crawled into bed.

Which then leads me to talk about grad school. It is a struggle for me at this point. I'm not really sure what I was thinking. I am almost done with my specialist degree, which means that between my undergrad graduation and now (8 years) and will have completed 2 more degrees from UGA, bought (and moved into/out of) 2 houses, gotten married, and given birth to 3 children. I think that I am ready for a break. I can't even begin to count how many times in the past 6 months I have said to Chris, "I don't want to do homework. I just want to be a mom." This semester is quite possibly going to kill me. I am taking an instructional design class (required), my internship class (tons of paperwork) and a research class...which of course has been built around the two previous research classes which I have taken incompletes in because the first one was during the summer and I couldn't get all of my work done because of, oh, you know, small things like having a c-section and coming home with a new baby and then going back to work 4 weeks later. And then the second class was using what we did in the 1st class, which I still hadn't finished and then I was dealing with the job from hell, my father having cancer, 3 kids, a husband who teaches and is also in grad school, and you know, owing the IRS money, and my car blowing up. So, here I am in the 3rd class, using what we did in the 1st and 2nd, which I still haven't done, and I feel as though I am drowning.

So, while Quinn is taking a much needed nap, I sit here, blogging my little heart out, procrastinating about all of the things that I desperately need to be doing, waiting for the doc to call me back.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Poor Quinn...

is, like just about every other baby that I know, sick! Chris got the call to come get him this morning because it was coming out both ends. (Ewwww!) Chris took him to the pediatrician, and I'm not sure if I've mentioned how much we love her *please note the sarcasm*, she always makes us feel like we know nothing about raising children, have never even seen a child before, are stupid, idiots, that are clearly without common sense so glad that we brought our sick child to her, then went to get the pedialyte and emailed me to let me know about all of this after he got home. He had a fairly rough afternoon, but went to bed exhausted, so I am crossing my fingers about what tonight will bring.

I will be staying home with him tomorrow and hopefully the weekend will make everything all better. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not really sure where the time goes...

It has been one week since I last posted, and I have no idea where the time went. Here is the basic run down of our last week...
  • Wednesday - New Year's Eve - The girls stayed up until midnight. Well, sort of. Casey fell asleep on the couch at 11:57. Seriously. So we had to keep waking her up (about every 30 seconds) until midnight. Chandler was upset because she somehow missed seeing the ball drop in Time Square. Not really sure how you miss that when you are glued to the tv.
  • Thursday - Surprise phone call from Frankie in the morning. Ella woke up with a serious need for a tea party. So, the girls were more than happy to be her special guests. We had a fantastic day with the Wylies! And, the girls ended up spending the night. There aren't too many places that you can leave your two children for an impromptu slumber party and know that it will all be ok.
  • Friday - This was one of our major planned days of the whole break...Ella's b-day at the American Girl Doll store in Atlanta. We had reservations for lunch and some serious shopping to do. The girls each had over $100 to spend between what they had saved and their gift certificates that they had gotten for Christmas. Josefina and Nellie both got their hair done at the salon and Nellie also got her ears pierced. Both of the girls picked out a new doll pet - Coconut and Sugar - and new doll outfits. Between the slumber party Thurs night and the shopping, they were worn out by the time we got home!
  • Saturday - I took Chan shopping with me and Chris took Quinn and Casey with him. It was good for them to have a little break from each other. Chan bought herself a scrapbook kit and Casey bought some new lip gloss.
  • Sunday - It was a day of sorrow. Only one day left of break before the inevitable return to work. Chris and I moped all day.
  • Monday - By far, one of the most exhausting days ever! We were in bed by 8:30. Seriously.
News flashes - Quinn has one tooth that is all the way in and a second that is trying its best to push on through. Casey thinks that we should have one more baby in our family so that we could have an even number again. Besides, as she told me at dinner Sunday night, "Mama, I like your babies." I'm so glad she does, but she should give up on getting another one. Chandler is depressed after finding out that not only do you have homework in high school, but there is also homework in college. She thought that there was light at the end of the homework tunnel, but alas, there is not!

Dad Update - He had a scan last week and is going in tomorrow for the results and to figure out what the next plan of action is going to be now that he has finished his last round of chemo. We're pretty sure that he will have to go in at least every 4 months, if not every 3, to stay on top of things. The ultimate goal at this point, considering that he will never be "cancer free" is to have at least another 4 or 5 years before having to go through chemo again. He has been really positive and upbeat these days...according to him, it is amazing what it feels like to actually feel good again.

I will definitely try to do better this week in my posting. I feel as though I can't be as witty when there is so much catching up to do!