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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yay! Another sick child!

Chris got the call at 3:45 to come and get the girls from of them had thrown up all over in the cafeteria. Turns out it was Casey. She has continued vomiting over the course of the evening. With bloodshot eyes, while hunched over the trash can (she couldn't make it to the bathroom) she says, "Mama, if you hear me throwing up in the middle of the night, its ok. You don't have to get up, I know how to empty the trash can." So I replied, "Case, if you're throwing up, holler for us and we'll be right in here." And she said, "But what if you're sleeping? I CAN do it, Mama." My response: "I'm sure you can, cause you are a big girl, but we're your parents. We're supposed to go without sleep. It's what we're made for."

Big sigh.

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