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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Really? Seriously?

Poor Quinn. He came home from being at mom's while we took the girls to Disney with a little cough. When I picked him up from daycare Monday afternoon he had red dots on his forehead and neck. While getting him ready for bed, I realized that the red dots were actually all over his body! What?! So, we called the doc and they said it was probably viral and not a big deal unless it worsened. His cough kept him up most the night. So, Chris stayed home with him on Tuesday to take him back to the pediatrician...(His 4th visit in 09)

Not only does he still have infections in both of his ears (after 10 days of amoxicillian), but he also has a viral rash and RSV. He is now on 2 medications, steroids and a nebulizer for breathing treatments.

Really? Seriously? I have one sick day left for the whole rest of the school year, so Chris has been home this week with him. He has a follow up doctor's appointment tomorrow morning to see if he is better yet or what the next treatment is going to be. Sheesh.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Disney 09

I think that Chan's face really says it all. This is the look of Disney. The cracked out, pumped up, crazed look that only happens at the happiest place on Earth. This, my friends, is what the magic of Disney does to 7 year olds.
Casey and I on the Dumbo ride. It was the first ride of the trip. The girls loved it!
Casey was a very serious race car driver. She steered, while I worked the pedals. She kept saying to me, "Mama, go faster. Faster, Mama," in a calm, steady and low voice.
Next stop, Space Mountain. Chris had successfully pumped the girls up for this ride and they couldn't wait! It was their first roller coaster experience...and it ended terribly. Chandler has decided that she is not riding another roller coaster until she is 21. Chan had the unfortunate position of riding in the lead car. She curled up in the seat, moaning, "Mama, make it stop. Mama, I'm scared. Mama, I'm gonna throw up." As a parent, it was a horrible experience. I couldn't comfort her. And then there was the thought that if she threw up I would be covered in it.
Following Space Mountain, we decided to play air hockey and eat lunch. Then the rain came. We spent $30 on ponchos for the 4 of us. This is the magic of Disney on Chris's face. It's a little different from the magic on Chan's face in the first picture.

3 days of not having any adult time, no conversations without children present and with everyone going to bed at the same time is a little trying. Chris is convinced that Disney could be cause for divorce. At one point I had to tell the girls that for the next 10 minutes I will not be answering any questions. Chris is never eating Disney food again - he ended up throwing up all of Friday night and met us at the park later in the morning on Saturday. We were slightly disappointed with Animal Kingdom. We had heard such wonderful things about it and it just didn't live up to it for us. When I asked Casey at the end of the trip what her favorite part was, she replied, "The shopping." Seriously? We have a Disney store at the mall!

So, bottom line...

Trip to Disney.... $1700.
Not Having To Go Back For Another 7 Years....Priceless

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Advice from Casey

So, I received the following in an email from the girls' teacher this morning....

I told the kids on Monday that I was having a baby. One of my students asked me this morning if I had found out if I was having a girl or a boy and I told them that I didn't know yet, but I would let them know as soon as I find out. Casey informed me that if I was having a boy that I needed to watch out, because when you found you were having a boy you couldn't walk very well anymore. I asked her if she thought a girl would also make it hard to walk or only boys and she said that she felt like it was probably just boys that make it hard. But, then Chandler chimed in that she thinks that every baby probably gets to you sometimes:)

Girls Turn 7

So, I have been a bad blogger! The girls turned 7 and we had a party and I didn't even take the time to post about it. :( Chris and I had decided not to do a "big" party for them this year - even though they so desperately wanted to invite all of their friends to Jump Zone - because we decided months and months ago to plan a surprise trip to Disney. Needless to say, I still felt terrible every time I had to tell them that we were just having a small party and not the really big one that they really wanted.

So, the day of the party came...While Chris took all of the kids out to breakfast with his dad, I lovingly wrapped (in a diaper box with Christmas paper) the Mickey and Goofy stuffed animals that we bought for them along with a letter to them telling them that in less than 2 weeks we would be heading to the Magic Kingdom. We ended up with quite a number for just a "small" party - Chris's family and my family along with the Wylies, Aunt Molly and Drew and Christy Beth. It was a perfect day - 75 and sunny - and the kids got to run around in the yard (barefoot! something I wasn't aware of until too late) and play on the swing set.

Then came the moment of the big reveal...first the shock of the diaper box..."No, no, just open it" then they couldn't get it open, so they ripped open the bottom so everything came spilling out and they missed the letter. The look of horror on their faces when they thought we had given them stuffed animals when they asked for a BIG party and a laptop...especially after I made it very clear to them pre-party that they were going to LOVE everything they got, even if they really didn't...oh, the looks on their faces...trying so hard to force a smile. Then they found the letter and we had them read it (together) aloud to everyone. They couldn't believe it! Seriously. They asked us about 20 times that day, "Are you really taking us to Disney World?"

So, today is the day! We are leaving after school for the 8 hour drive to Orlando. We're staying at the Disney resort and we are going to ride all the rides and see all the shows and meet all the characters. I ended up home today because for the past couple of days I've had a little sore throat and little bit of congestion and then woke up hardly able to swallow and feeling like someone had shoved a brick into my head through my nose while I was sleeping. I actually got up, drove the thirty minutes to work and then came back home and went to the doctor. I was terrified that I had strep, but (thank God!) no. Just sinus issues, swollen tonsils and a sore throat. Luckily, the doctor understood my predicament and actually prescribed something for me. And what a blessing it has been to be at home - finishing up the packing, taking a nap and catching up on all the blogs I have failed to post!

Quinn...on the move!

So, Quinn is really and truly officially on the move! He crawls like you wouldn't believe...shooting his right leg out to side to push off with. He also starting pulling himself up on the ottomans in the living room - mainly to go after the computer, the phone or the remote.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Foot In Mouth Disease

Chandler really does suffer from this. It's true. Take tonight at dinner for example....

Background information: We had parent conferences today at school and the girls' teacher is pregnant and we were talking about day care and other baby related stuff...

Chris: So, did we know that Mrs. B is pregnant?
Casey: *stunned she drops her fork, jaw drops open* What? Mrs. B is pregnant? I knew it! I knew it! I was afraid to ask her though.
Chandler: Well, I didn't know. If I had known, I would have asked her. I'm not afraid to ask that. I asked Miss Jane* in ASP if she was pregnant.
Me: You did? Well, is she?
Chan: No.
Chris: You know, its not very polite to ask someone if they are pregnant. If they're not, then its like you just told them that they're fat.
Chan: Oh. Well I just put my hand on her belly and asked if she was pregnant.
Me: Oh, Chan. *shakes head*
Chan: Whaaaaat? I didn't know.

*name changed to protect the innocent

3 minutes later into dinner conversation

Chan: I really wonder what baby brother is going to look like when he gets older. I wonder if he is going to be handsome or if he's going to look like Jonah.
Me: Why? Because you think Jonah isn't handsome?
Chris: Cause that's really what you just said.

Ear Infections

We just can't seem to catch a break these days. Yesterday when I picked Quinn up, the babysitter told me that he was fussy all day and she was concerned because that is just not like him. Then last night we endured another fitful night of sleep, so I decided to take him to the doc today. Not once did he mess with his ears though (which is exactly like the girls were - you would never know)! Both ears are infected. He took his first dose of medicine like a champ. I actually spoon fed it to him and he gobbled it right up. I hope it works that well again tonight.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I hate February

Just so you know, I hate February. In our house, it is the most dreaded month of the year. First, it is the shortest month in the year, which is a problem. And then there is the issue of Birthdays...the girls on the 10th, me on the 13th, Dad on the 23rd, brother Randall on the 27th...argh! Valentine's Day... I participate in a consignment sale which is always the same week as our birthdays, and grad school is typically in full swing. This year, just for kicks, we've decided to throw in a whirlwind trip to Disney. Seriously. This week alone - I had class on Sat, girls b-day party on Sunday, class tonight, girls b-day and consignment sale shopping in Gwinnett tomorrow, group meeting Wed night, Chris has class on Thurs (and we have parent/teacher conferences!), my b-day on Friday, working at the consignment sale on Sunday, class on Monday, leaving after school on Wed to drive to Orlando for Thurs, Fri and Sat and drive home on Sunday. My stomach hurts just thinking about it. And let's not forget the laundry and shopping. Sheesh!