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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Really? Seriously?

Poor Quinn. He came home from being at mom's while we took the girls to Disney with a little cough. When I picked him up from daycare Monday afternoon he had red dots on his forehead and neck. While getting him ready for bed, I realized that the red dots were actually all over his body! What?! So, we called the doc and they said it was probably viral and not a big deal unless it worsened. His cough kept him up most the night. So, Chris stayed home with him on Tuesday to take him back to the pediatrician...(His 4th visit in 09)

Not only does he still have infections in both of his ears (after 10 days of amoxicillian), but he also has a viral rash and RSV. He is now on 2 medications, steroids and a nebulizer for breathing treatments.

Really? Seriously? I have one sick day left for the whole rest of the school year, so Chris has been home this week with him. He has a follow up doctor's appointment tomorrow morning to see if he is better yet or what the next treatment is going to be. Sheesh.

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In The Pursuit of Education said...

Poor Quinn and poor mommy and daddy. I'll be thinking about you!