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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


1.  bird shell - loft // open cardi - loft // tan cords - bass outlet //green mocs - old navy

2.  striped shirt - loft //navy cardi - loft //pink skirt - loft //navy tights - target //boots - target

3.  pink t-shirt - gap outlet // khakis - banana republic outlet // chambray flats - gap outlet // 
cowl scarf - birthday gift from my daughter :)

4.  navy striped dress - loft // scarf - loft // navy tights - target // boots - target

bracelets found here and here // ike and co 

I've had these shoes for  a few years now and they are seriously a favorite of mine!  I also had a brown pair that I completely wore out.  Don't you hate it when that happens???

pearl necklace - ike and co 

Those bracelets again!  I made a set for the shop and I set for myself and I find that I wear them almost  I really love to stack all four that I have together for a chunkier look.  Such fun!

If you've been around for awhile, or follow me on instagram or know me in real life, then you already know that my just turned 11 year old daughter has soon mad skills.  She can crochet like no one's business.  This one isn't crocheted (I'm pretty sure that she made it on a loom) but I am completely in love with it, none the less.

I love post earrings.  Truly.  I almost never have any in my shop, so its something I almost always ask for as gifts or look for on etsy.  This delightful pair came from tru.che.

More stacking bracelets from my shop.  I seriously cannot get enough of them!  The top one are the birthstones of my children - pearl and amethyst.  The bottom is a fabulous multi-gemstone.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscars 2013

I think the majority of you would know that I was lying if I told you that we watched the Oscars.  We didn't.  We don't have cable.  Gah!  And during the award season is one time when we really miss it.  (That and during SEC football season.)  But I do love both of these ladies and love them even more after seeing these interviews (oh, Jennifer Lawrence, can she get any cuter???)...

Monday, February 25, 2013

So there's that.

Today was supposed to be an easy kind of day.  I had taken a sick day to take Quinn to the optometrist for his follow-up eye appointment since getting his glasses last month.  And then we were going to spend the rest of the day together..make some muffins for breakfast this week...lasagna for dinner...

But, easy just never seems to happen.

Yesterday morning Casey woke up with a fever and complained of a sore throat.  So, Chandler and I went to visit our dear friend Bob for his 95th Birthday while Chris stayed home with sickly Casey and stuffed up Quinn.

On the way home I called Chris.  Casey was in a cool bath to try and lower her - omg - 104 degree fever.  We decided that I would drop Chandler off and pick Casey up to take her to the immediate care.

This is her...right before she snotted all over the nurse.  Not.even.kidding.  The poor lady was all like, "And now I'm going to swab your nose," and Casey proceeded to act like she was blowing her nose...only without a tissue...all over the poor nurse...who backed away from her like she had the plague and I began spouting, "What are you doing???"

Casey's explanation:  Chandler told me to do that.

The nurse then asked who Chandler was and I assured her that it was no one in the medical community.

Sheesh.  These 11 year olds.

Both the doctor and the nurse were amazed that it took less than a minute (a record!) for her flu test to come back positive.

If you're going to be a record holder...

So my easy, and productive, day with Quinn turned into full on nurse duty complete with throw up in a trash can.  Ugh.

Chris and I are splitting the day tomorrow - he's home in the morning, I'll be home in the afternoon.

Looking for a fun read?  Chandler is a blogger for the 5th Grade blog at her school and has been doing a series of videos teaching how to crochet.  You should check them out.  :)

Chase Street 5th Grade Blog

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just a Little List...

So, it's been pretty close to a billion years since I last posted.  But I warned you, February is never good to me.

Here's a run down on recent events...

  • The girls turned 11.  Ridiculous, I know. 
  • Just prior to their actual birthday, I took each of them on their own little shopping trip - complete with a meal alone with Mom.  Casey chose the Olive Garden, Chandler picked the Grit.

  • On their actual birthday, we had cake and coffee with our family and those friends that might as well be family.

 {I love this picture for many reasons...1.Aunt Molly looks completely darling and smitten 2.The girls are wearing sweet new birthday dresses 3.Oh that Quinn!  He wanted to look nice for the party, so he picked out his tie to wear.  Tie and glasses on a 4 year old?  Swoon.

  • The birthday weekend led into a week of craziness, culminating in a flight to Chicago to surprise my Dad (who asks not be talked about on this here blog).
  • Seriously though...this is how the week went down...
Monday - we were all home.  Amen.
Tuesday - Chris taught class.  I wrangled children.
Wednesday - My birthday.  I turned 35.  No one sang to me.  Chris took Casey to dance class.  I did laundry and every time the  remaining two children began to fight I started with, "It's my birthday, please stop..."
Thursday - I took two children to dance class, Chris stayed home with one.
Friday - I took the day off work.  4 hours before I had to leave for the airport I decided to hit the outlet mall to find what I would be wearing on my trip, as I had yet to pack.  I'm that kind of awesome. I made it home with 3 new pairs of jeans and an hour to pack, shower and hit the road.
  • So I flew to Chicago.  About a month ago my step mom sneaked a call to me to tell me about the 60th birthday party they were planning for my dad.  It wasn't a surprise party, but she wanted to fly me in as the surprise part of the party.  I was beyond excited (and grateful).  I didn't breathe a word of it - facebook, blog, nothing - for fear that it would makes it's way back to him.
  • My younger brother picked me up at the airport and delivered me to my Gram's house (mom's mom) for a 20 hour stay.   On Saturday we ate out for both breakfast and lunch, which was pretty exciting.

 {my Gram has a cup for every grandchild - 19 of us - at her house and it's the only thing we use to drink out of when we are there - this one is mine}

 {sweetest lady in the universe.  in case you didn't already know that.}
  • Joey picked me back up in time to head to the party.  It was such an incredible night - to be the surprise - he had no idea and I will never forget the look on his face.  I will never forget how tightly he hugged me.  How he would let go and then pull me back in for another.  I had such a fantastic time with cousins and aunts and uncles {and my younger brothers, of course}.
  • I think one of the things I will remember the most from the evening was the speech that my brother gave.  Gah!  I can;t even begin to type it without tearing up.
  •  And if I haven't said it on here before, I think it should be part of this record, I have the most wonderful, amazing stepmother ever.  It's true.  I am so thankful that she has spent the past 31ish years in my life. 
  • On Sunday we went out for breakfast - my dad, my two brothers and me.  We spent the afternoon sorting through all of the donations to the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest.  In lieu of gifts, my dad requested toy and gift card donations for this charity.
  • And then my stepmom fed me in the most wonderful way - polenta, salad, and italian beef sandwiches.  It's the food I will eat everyday in Heaven.   In case you were wondering.

  • And then Monday morning came much too soon.  It's an odd thing - being torn between being a daughter in my father's house and a wife/mother in my own.  I was anxious to see my little family, but wanted nothing more than to be there when my dad came home from work on Monday.  My stepmom took me to the airport on Monday morning.  I held it together until the very last second.  My words would never be enough to explain to her how much I love her and appreciate her.  How I know that the surprise she planned was as much for me as it was for him.  And how much I love her for it.  I fought back the tears - only because I knew that if I started to cry she would and she still had to drive herself home - I only had to sit in an airport terminal with a cup of coffee waiting to board a plane home.
And so, that's it.  A little bulleted list of the past two weeks.  While I always do complain about February and it's brutal unendingness, I must say, this February has been one of my favorites.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nevermind me...

It was still dark when I woke up yesterday morning.  But I knew one thing...Quinn was sleeping on my back.  And I quickly learned a second pillow was on the nightstand...along with my head.  I had been sleeping half on the nightstand. 

I ever so carefully began the process of shifting Quinn to the middle of the bed.  I didn't want to wake him up.  I also didn't want to wake up Chris.  Or Ike.  Mainly because if Ike woke up he would inevitably wake up Chris or Quinn.

I gingerly lifted my son and slid him over.  I moved my pillow back onto the bed.

And then Quinn rolled over and snuggled into a spooning position with Chris.  And then I heard his tiny, tired, whispered voice from the other side of the bed...


"Yes, Quinn?"

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

I laid there, waiting for my son to roll over to acknowledge me.  To tell me that he loves me.  You know, me, the one that he slept on all night.  The one that he forced onto the nightstand.

But no. 

No I love you's for me.  Just a few kidney kicks to round out my slumber.

Such is the life of a mother.

Friday, February 1, 2013

February is my month of doom.

It's February 1st.  February is my month of doom.  Every.single.stinkin.year.

It used to be my favorite, hello, my birthday is this month.  And I must say, I always had a great birthday - shopping and vacations - and then the girls were born 7 weeks early and 3 days before my birthday.  And so there's that.

Then there's just so much else going stuff and shop dad's birthday and brother's birthday.  And my car tag has to be paid.

4 years ago we left Q with my mom and we took these sweet little girls to Disney.  I don't think it is going to happen this year, but I can't wait to go back with them soon.  With Quinn and his glasses.

So, February, here we go again.  Please go easy on me.