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Monday, February 25, 2013

So there's that.

Today was supposed to be an easy kind of day.  I had taken a sick day to take Quinn to the optometrist for his follow-up eye appointment since getting his glasses last month.  And then we were going to spend the rest of the day together..make some muffins for breakfast this week...lasagna for dinner...

But, easy just never seems to happen.

Yesterday morning Casey woke up with a fever and complained of a sore throat.  So, Chandler and I went to visit our dear friend Bob for his 95th Birthday while Chris stayed home with sickly Casey and stuffed up Quinn.

On the way home I called Chris.  Casey was in a cool bath to try and lower her - omg - 104 degree fever.  We decided that I would drop Chandler off and pick Casey up to take her to the immediate care.

This is her...right before she snotted all over the nurse.  Not.even.kidding.  The poor lady was all like, "And now I'm going to swab your nose," and Casey proceeded to act like she was blowing her nose...only without a tissue...all over the poor nurse...who backed away from her like she had the plague and I began spouting, "What are you doing???"

Casey's explanation:  Chandler told me to do that.

The nurse then asked who Chandler was and I assured her that it was no one in the medical community.

Sheesh.  These 11 year olds.

Both the doctor and the nurse were amazed that it took less than a minute (a record!) for her flu test to come back positive.

If you're going to be a record holder...

So my easy, and productive, day with Quinn turned into full on nurse duty complete with throw up in a trash can.  Ugh.

Chris and I are splitting the day tomorrow - he's home in the morning, I'll be home in the afternoon.

Looking for a fun read?  Chandler is a blogger for the 5th Grade blog at her school and has been doing a series of videos teaching how to crochet.  You should check them out.  :)

Chase Street 5th Grade Blog

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Lisa said...

Tell Chandler thank you for doing the crochet video. (and thanks to you for posting about it). She just taught a 51 year old how to do it!!
I had bought books and looked on the internet but she made it so simple. THANKS CHANDLER!!