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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Disney 09

I think that Chan's face really says it all. This is the look of Disney. The cracked out, pumped up, crazed look that only happens at the happiest place on Earth. This, my friends, is what the magic of Disney does to 7 year olds.
Casey and I on the Dumbo ride. It was the first ride of the trip. The girls loved it!
Casey was a very serious race car driver. She steered, while I worked the pedals. She kept saying to me, "Mama, go faster. Faster, Mama," in a calm, steady and low voice.
Next stop, Space Mountain. Chris had successfully pumped the girls up for this ride and they couldn't wait! It was their first roller coaster experience...and it ended terribly. Chandler has decided that she is not riding another roller coaster until she is 21. Chan had the unfortunate position of riding in the lead car. She curled up in the seat, moaning, "Mama, make it stop. Mama, I'm scared. Mama, I'm gonna throw up." As a parent, it was a horrible experience. I couldn't comfort her. And then there was the thought that if she threw up I would be covered in it.
Following Space Mountain, we decided to play air hockey and eat lunch. Then the rain came. We spent $30 on ponchos for the 4 of us. This is the magic of Disney on Chris's face. It's a little different from the magic on Chan's face in the first picture.

3 days of not having any adult time, no conversations without children present and with everyone going to bed at the same time is a little trying. Chris is convinced that Disney could be cause for divorce. At one point I had to tell the girls that for the next 10 minutes I will not be answering any questions. Chris is never eating Disney food again - he ended up throwing up all of Friday night and met us at the park later in the morning on Saturday. We were slightly disappointed with Animal Kingdom. We had heard such wonderful things about it and it just didn't live up to it for us. When I asked Casey at the end of the trip what her favorite part was, she replied, "The shopping." Seriously? We have a Disney store at the mall!

So, bottom line...

Trip to Disney.... $1700.
Not Having To Go Back For Another 7 Years....Priceless

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