Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why the Woods are Dangerous...According to Quinn

He talked about this the WHOLE way home from the sitter's today, so when we pulled into the driveway I interviewed him.  I knew that he would be instantly distracted in the house and it was just TOO good.  And now I know, I should turn on the light in the car for such an interview.  Sorry it's so dark.  :(


molly said...

Pink Foot and Coyotes and Bad Crabs, Oh My! He's so darn cute!

CB said...

Ah- we talk about Pink Foot a lot too. That episode of Bubble Guppies also has crabs that sing by the campfire. It sounds random, but makes sense in the show..... I'm with ya, Quinn!

britany said...

i don't know how you control yourself from not laughing but he is absolutely adorable! love the interviews.

happy thanksgiving!