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Thursday, November 24, 2011

This Is Me. {black friday sale info}

This is me.  Angie.  {And my husband...his name is Chris.  I love his bald head.  Just in case you were wondering.}

These are my pretty fantastic kids.

{the oldest by one minute}

{our middle child}

Leo Quinn 
{the boy}
{pictures from Abby Libsack Photography}

These are just a very few of the things are in my etsy shop

...and they are all on sale 
{25% off} 
 a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!!
 p.s. - I'd love for you to stick around and become a follower!  ;)



Michele said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I was on a spending freeze for myself, but when I saw your sale, I was very tempted to buy myself something. It could be a Christmas gift from my husband, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Stopping by from the Fest! You have a precious family and I love your Etsy shop! I'm adding it to my favorites right now! :)

Best pre workout supplement said...

I love the earrings.. you have a fantastic kids..

Nicole [The Lovely Poppy] said...

how precious!! i'd love for you to stop by and check out some of the new tutorials and the giveaway going on. xoxo nicole

Unknown said...

Beautiful family! And I love the name Chandler for a girl!

Found you from the followers fest and am a new follower!

Erin James said...

love your cute blog!
found you through the link up at the wiegand's!