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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Visit Me at A Little Etsy Love! {and more}

Hi Friends!  I seem to be, er, um, falling behind a little bit.  Imagine that.  Apparently I need Chris here so he can cook and I can blog.  :)

We do, jokingly, tell people that all the time....he cooks...I blog.  But in a way it's true.  While he is cooking I am usually sitting at the kitchen table, blogging and emailing, and laughing, joking, talking about our day with Chris.  It's kind of a nice thing.  The children play upstairs and we have a few minutes to ourselves. 

So, considering that I have been busy ordering pizza, chinese and driving thru McDonald's while he's been gone, I have fallen behind on my blogging.  :)

BUT, I did manage to crank out my posts for A Little Etsy Love and you should visit me there!  This week I posted about Twillypop (with a coupon and a giveaway!).  OMG I love that shop!  And I love this bracelet.  How darling and perfect would it be to wear to a Georgia game??!!

I also posted about Elizabeth St.  And I think we all already know how much I love that shop too.  :)  Betsy is offering an awesome discount for etsy love readers, but its only good through the next week.  Perfect for someone to use to buy these origami globes for me.  Because, really, the more I look at them the more I think I must have them.

Anyway, I am cleaning my house like a mad woman this morning.  My mom is coming out around lunchtime.  The Georgia game starts around noon, so we were trying to have her not get stuck in traffic.  Hazard of living near Athens. 

I also have a tremendous amount of jewelry stuff to get done this weekend/this week, to prepare for the holiday season.  {You do have some IKE & CO on your wishlist this year, don't you???}

I have some really awesome stories to share about the kiddos and hopefully I can get those up this week too.  Mainly because I know you need a good laugh and my children are REALLY good at providing that, but also because this blog is my journal of their childhoods.  I think they will one day really appreciate that I documented their adolescence on the internet for all the world to see.

I hope you are all having one heckuva Saturday!

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