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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful. Part II

I am thankful for my aunt and uncle.  While my parents did an extraordinary job of being, you know, my aunt and uncle did an extraordinary job of being those people.  I knew that my parents had to love me.  They had to think I was great, beautiful, funny, smart, etc...because they were my parents.  So part of me kind of doubted when they told me those things.  But when Aunt Patti and Uncle Russ told me those things?  Weeellllll, that was a different story.  They weren't my parents and they still thought those things.  So it must be true.  You understand that logic, don't you?

So when I doubted my parents, I had these people to cheer me on.  To support me.  To lift me up.  And I think that every child should have people like that in their lives.

And speaking of people cheering me on...Let me tell you about this woman.

This is my Gram.  She is a woman who knows how to live life.  She laughs a lot.  And she helps me laugh a lot too.  And laughter is important.

I really wish that I had a picture of all four of my grandparents together, or at least two and two on my computer, because I have a hard time talking about Gram without thinking about Papa.  He teased me unmercifully.  It usually went something like this...
Papa:  I can't believe you're my granddaughter.  I have a dago for a granddaughter.  Sheesh.
Me:  You have hair growing in your ears.
Papa:  Dumb dago.
Me:  You also have hair growing off your nose.  Right there.  On your NOSE.
Papa:  You think that's funny, do ya?
Me:  Yeah.  I do.
Papa:  Well, I think its funny that I love you.

And then he would dance with me in the living room.  And then he would take Gram for a spin around the room while I sat on the couch and watched them.

And my dad's parents.  I could write a whole post just about them.  Seriously.  They taught me hard work, perseverance, having pride in being American.  They moved to this country from Italy and while they celebrated being Italian, eating Italian, speaking Italian and being members of the Italian club, they were also incredibly proud of their American family.

And then there is this girl...

Clearly I need a more recent picture of Molly and I.  This one is from last October...since then, she has lost quite a bit of weight (looks amazing!) and I have gained quite a bit of weight.  Eek!  But I am thankful for Molly...and for our friendship that has spanned almost 20 years.  Which is crazy, if you ask me.  Pure craziness.  But, she is one of those true, loyal that I know will be with me until the end.  The knowledge of that makes me feel incredibly blessed.  And thankful.

Disclaimer:  My life is really full of amazing people.  Truly.  And I don't have pictures of all of them.  So this post is somewhat lacking, and for that I apologize. 

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molly said...

I'm so very thankful for our friendship too and can't imagine these last two decades (oh my, has it really been that long?) without you as my friend. And I feel extra special to be included in a post with Aunt Pat & Gram, although, I do feel like we are family after all these years. Love you sweetie!