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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions, Baby!

Chris's New Year Resolutions are as follows....

1.  He is going to do his best to read the tags on clothing for washing instructions when he is helping with the laundry.
2.  He is going to take his wife out on a date once a month.
3.  He is going to attempt to learn to match colors aside from blue and khaki.  He is also going to make sure that he does not leave the house in clothes that have holes in them.
4.  He is going to admit that he loves Ike, even though he claims that he does not.  He is a liar and he knows it.

I am still working on my list.

p.s.  I don't actually know what his resolutions are.  I made these up.


Chris Pendley said...

1. Notice that #1 said "when he is helping with the laundry"... enough said.
2. Mom, are you out there? We're gonna need some child care to make this happen.
3. Well I tried to match blue and orange and you told me it didn't work. I think I should stick with what I know unless you're going to pick out my clothes for me.
4. I'm sorry. I know it sounds cold and heartless, but I really don't love the dog. Not in any way, shape or form.

Emily said...

Well, if you need an animal to love, we have a cat we could loan you. And, if you get child care for a date, then we should get it too...even if your children are more well behaved than ours! I hadn't thought of coming up with resolutions for my husband. That's a great idea. I should get started now!

Angie said...

1. FYI, its not so much of a help when you shrink things. Just sayin.
2. Hello? Anybody out there? I would like a date with my husband so that he can make up for shrinking the clothes.
3. *shakes head* Oh, honey. That was a bad day for you...the blue and orange and brown with argyle and striped pants. Ouch.
4. Fine. Don't love the dog.

sharonp said...

He does love the dog. He has animal commitment issues so he can't admit it. I'll be glad to keep the kids. Put them to bed and I'll be right over. I do think dates are important. If I can't keep them I'll be glad to pay the sitter.

Chris Pendley said...

1. Seriously? Seriously? Fine, no more help with the laundry. I mean, I only shrunk my stuff. Geez, give a guy a break.
2. If you're willing to pitch in and help salvage this relationship before the laundry ruins it by taking our kids, please post a comment below with your name and child supervising availability.
3. I try, I really do... This is just not something I am good at. Don't rub it in.
4. Meh.