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Monday, January 3, 2011

If You Haven't Already Noticed...

 {hot pink teardrop earrings - $10}

...there are a ton of new things in the shop!  You should definitely head over and check them out.  Molly came over on Saturday to take some fancy pants pictures for me (it was a rip roaring good time, if I do say so really do know how to celebrate the first day of the new year).  I am hoping for a new look in the shop this year (photo wise especially), but am somewhat doubtful that I can recreate the genius that is Molly. 

 {royal blue teardrop earrings - $10}

I have also been trying my hand at wire wrapping.  I think that just about every woman that got a Christmas gift from me (with a few exceptions, of course) got something that was wire wrapped.  Practice makes perfect right, and what better way to practice than when you are giving the item away? :)  So even though my husband has seen me make 200 pairs of wire wrapped earrings since Thanksgiving, I just added some in the shop this week.  I am also thinking about re-categorizing the earring section into Charmingly Bold (for those statement earrings) and Charmingly Simple (for those that are smaller, a little more understated, yet classy and elegant).  Just some things that are being tossed around in my brain.   I am also working more on creating some stone briolette earrings that would be perfect to wear with the Charmingly multicolored necklaces.
 {Charmingly Bold Orange Crush Earrings - $20}

 {pink petite earrings - $16}

{charmingly simple olive earrings - $18}

I really feel like great things are to come in 2011.  I have now had the shop open for a little over a year an definitely feel like I have more of a handle on things.  Funny, how that happens...the more time you spend doing things the more you feel like you have a handle on it.  (I wish the laundry and bathroom cleaning worked that way for me.)  So, hooray and cheers to 2011!

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Emily said...

Lovely pictures! And lovely jewelry!