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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Under the Table and Dreaming

Ok, I don't think that he is actually dreaming under the table, but he is definitely under the table.  During dinner.  As you can see, we have great control over our child at dinner time.  Sometimes he eats while nakey, sometimes he decides its just best to be under the table instead of eating.

And now he is trying to close himself in with the chairs. 

And now he is escaping out the side entrance of under the table.  Note: his plate is still on the table.  Chris and I had already finished and were cleaning up the kitchen.  When I say "we" I mean he was cleaning up the kitchen, clearly I was taking pictures of my son crawling around on the floor instead of finishing up his dinner.  That's how we roll in our house.

He has also decided that sleeping is for the weak.  For quite some time, all 3 children were sleeping together.  But it is time to break that little party up.
1.  Quinn is the worst bedmate ever known to man.  I pity the woman that marries him.
2.  The girls were starting to have dark circles from sleeping with him.  They may have been because of their fit full night of sleep, or because he kicked them in the eye while sleeping.  We may never know.
3.  The girls had a physical altercation yesterday - one kicked the other one in the hiney (out of anger, not trying to be funny) and so the other one retaliated with 5 slaps to the head.  So, it is time for everyone to start sleeping in their own beds.

So from the 3 in a bed we moved to the girls sleeping together in Casey's room and Q was sleeping in Chandler's room.  Now, we've put Chandler in her bed, Q on the bottom bunk of his bed in his room and Casey on the top bunk (just as we readjust Q to his room....he hasn't slept in there since June...and next week will be Chan's turn on the top bunk). 

Quinn spends the first hour of bedtime fighting it - sometimes crying, sometimes screaming and crying, sometimes sitting at the top of the stairs (which is kind of creepy).  One night he went into our room and fell asleep in our bed...with the door closed, in the dark, alone.

Then, when we go to bed, he comes in our room and then we take him back to his.  We repeat this process over and over and over until he wears us down and we're so very tired that we don't have any more fight in us and the walk down the hall to his room might as well be an 8 mile trek, uphill, in the snow, and so we cave and then he finishes the night in our bed. 

While this is going on, I have also been trying to break Ike of sleeping in bed with us.  But when Q gets in it, he feels that he should too and again, at 2am, I just don't have it in me.  So our sleeping arrangements often look like this....  Ike, Me, Quinn, Chris.  Awesome.

He has not slept through the night since...well, since I don't know when.  Big sigh.

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Emily said...

Aww. The bedtime blues. :( Sorry about that. I hadn't heard about the physical altercation between the girls! OMG! They're getting dirty now, huh? This whole back to normal life after Christmas thing has me bummed too.