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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day Part 812

Ok.  Maybe its not day 812, but it sure does feel that way.  I left the house Saturday morning to go grocery shopping, I ran out Sunday late afternoon for a quick errand and I haven't been out since.  I believe I have taken Ike out twice in the past three days...Chris has been on that duty because the snow that was all beautiful Monday morning is now nothing but a sheet of ice.  A solid sheet of ice.  Like, it supports Ike, he doesn't fall through when walking on it, and it has made it quite difficult for him to relieve himself.  His legs just slide apart.  Poor, poor Ike.

You may be wondering why I have posted these pictures of Q.  Well, this was this morning's activity...washing the plastic dishes in the sink.  

Its very hard work.  Sometimes you have to grunt while doing the dishes.

He kept saying, "Washy, washy! And a splashy, splashy!"

And then, if you'll notice, he decided that it was best to wash without pants on.  And its Snow Day 812, so really, whatever.

And while Quinn was all washy, washy, and a splashy, splashy, Bikey was at his feet all sleepy, sleepy.

And, by the way, I think you need a pair of these for Valentine's Day, don't you?

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