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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Lesson In Wire Wrapping

After we came home from Target the other day, Chris sat across from me at the jewelry table and announced that he wanted a lesson in wire wrapping.  I told him this could be a dangerous skill for him to learn because I might put him to work in my sweatshop.  But he insisted, so I found a few scraps and went over a simple loop, step by step.  He kept doing it wrong and I kept correcting him, so eventually he just worked on his piece on his own, under the table, where I couldn't see it.  
By the time he finished it, he was crying.  Like, really, really crying, and laughing...with no noise.  He was completely cracking himself up.  And when he was finished, through his laughter and tears, he proudly announced, "I don't think anyone will be able to tell the difference between mine and yours."


Abby said...

Big props to Chris for attempting to wire wrap. It is so freakin' hard!! I may have to come up for a day lesson and a visit!! :)

Emily said...

Oh no. I can't tell a difference at all! :)

Mark Fennell said...

I'd wear Chris' hoop in my ear. Really.