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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Lost Week*

Well, we ended up being out of school for the whole week due to...first the snow, and then the ice that followed.  We were home (with the first part of the week being unable to get out of our driveway), all of, Chris and all three children.  Monday and Tuesday were okay.  Wednesday was bearable.  By Thursday we wanted to cry and by Friday Chris and I had devised a plan.  We didn't care how much ice was still out there, we needed some alone time.  So, he took the morning off and went out by himself and then I went out for the afternoon. 

Today we decided that the children also needed some time out of the house and went out for lunch, then on to Target.

Then tonight, the kids all went to Doe Doe and Pop Pop's house for a sleepover while Chris and I met up with Nick and Liz to celebrate Nick's 30th birthday.

We ate at Five and Ten, one of our most favorite special occasion restaurants in Athens.  Now, I will tell you this...I am not a foodie.  Shocking, I know.  But I do know that there are some people out there (ok, maybe just Joy) that will want to know what we, here it is

marinated olives
sweetbreads (I've taken the liberty of linking to wikipedia just in case you are - like I was - unfamiliar with what sweetbreads actually are.  They are not sweet.  Nor are they bread.  And no, I most certainly did not eat any of them.)
I had some kind of soup that was a special with white beans and grilled sourdough bread in it.
Liz had some kind of squash soup.
Main Dishes:
The boys had ribeye.
Liz had a pork chop something or other.
I had the pasta ribbons...which is the only main dish I have ever had there.
Chris had the creme brulee.
The rest of us had 2 scoops of ice cream each...
Nick - coconut with pomegranates on top and orange sherbert
Liz - crunchy toffee and vanilla
Me - the last scoop of salty caramel in the whole restaurant (outstanding) and pistachio

And so there you have it.  The full menu of the 30th birthday dinner of Nick.  And, of course, it should go without saying that I talked to myself all day about remembering to bring the camera...and then didn't.  I think the last time the 4 of us have had a picture together, well, I think our wedding.

*I will forever refer to this week as "The Lost Week"...which I did not come up with...Christy Beth did and I am totally using it.  One would think that with this blessing of an unexpected week off my house would be clean, the laundry would be done, cabinets and closets reorganized...but, um, no.  Because we were all home.  Just trying to survive us all being home.  Cleaning was pointless...because we were all home.  I did lots of loads of laundry this week...but that is most definitely never ending.  I am slightly ashamed of myself for the lack of things that got done this week.  I did, though, eat a tremendous amount.  I'm pretty sure that I gained 5 lbs.


sharonp said...

so WHO, pray tell, ate the sweetbreads?? Ewww.

Angie said...

That would be your son. And Nick. Ugh.

Emily said...

Did Chris really eat sweetbreads? That's just gross.

Unknown said...

Oh thank you!!! And I too saw the sweatbreads, stopped reading mid-next sentence and went...wait, there is no WAY she ate those...then I re-read it, and went on. Then I read the whole menu of what everyone had again. :) I love love LOVE 5&10. If they serve soup in heaven, Hugh Acheson makes it.

Crystal Farish said...

My mantra has always been -- when bored, or housebound with crying kids --- go to Target. Somehow it makes everything better. Your night out for dinner sounded heavenly! I might have to try that restaurant next time I'm in Atlanta (on a layover :)