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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why, Why, oh, Why?

 Why, why, why?  I beg of you, why?  (as I gnash my teeth)  He looks so very cute and sweet, right?  He is anything but these days.  And I just want to know why.

Why won't he sleep in his own bed?
He prefers to sleep in ours, with approximately 1.5 inches between our faces.  That is, when his face is on a pillow.  More often than not, his hiney is on the pillow and his heels are being pounded into your back.

Why won't he go to bed without a fight?
And when I say fight, I mean FIGHT!  Egads, its terrible.  Screaming and crying.  And now sitting at the top of the stairs just isn't good enough for him.  And, God bless him, he is so cute that I can't help but fall in love with his sweet face every time he enters the room and then I have to be mean, sending him back to bed.... big sigh....  but if he stays up, its bad news on two fronts...
1.  he is EXHAUSTED the next morning and is a complete bear
2.  Chris and I never get to have a child free conversation.  Especially now that Mutt and Jeff are sleeping with us.  That's code for Quinn and Ike.  In case you were wondering.

Why, why for the love of God, why won't he stop screaming when we leave him?
Chris has been dealing with this for quite some time in the mornings at the sitters.  And now he has started a little show for my benefit when I leave to
a.  go to work
b.  take a girl to an activity
c.  go to the bathroom
Just kidding, c hasn't happened yet.  Mainly because he just barges in the bathroom and joins me.

And that is the woes of Q these days.

The highlight of my day?  (Because I know that you were dying to know...)  That fabulous song, Loser, by Beck came on the radio on my way home.  I love that song.  All of a sudden, I am back in high school again, cruisin in my 89 Honda Accord.  So I crank it up and jam out.  "aoifheioahn, mbamna, haoifoiafjna, ajouajnlf'ajh, hdfaihfieoan....Get crazy with the cheese whiz!"  That's what I sound like when I sing along...oh, and, "A couple of couches, sleep on the love seat."  Big sigh.  I love that song.

And then again, it may just be because I am delirious from lack of sleep due to a little someone being in our bed.  Just sayin.


molly said...

He really is cute, but boy oh boy, he really is such a Boy!! What a difference between him and the girls. I trust that between you and Chris your extraordinary parenting skills will overcome.

sharonp said...

Here's how it works: he'll be a wonderful teenager and adult. Watch out for those girls though when they are teenagers because it works the opposite way too. At least he's staying dry! It's the little things.