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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Heart Justin Timberlake

No.  Really.  Its true.  I do heart Justin Timberlake.  He is actually on my LIST.  You know, the list of people (aka celebrities) that you have that you are allowed to have an affair with if they show up at your doorstep?  Yes, I've decided that Justin Timberlake is on mine. 

Its ok.  Go ahead and judge me if you must.  I can handle it.

But, before you should watch this link (if you haven't already seen it...sometimes I'm super behind the times).

Now, I love this for several reasons...

1.  I heart Justin.  (I think I've been pretty clear on this point.)
2.  I heart rap.  Did you know that?  I've been told that I am the whitest white girl in America (whatever THAT means), but seriously, nothing would make me happier than to be part of Dr. Dre's posse.  No, really.  Its true.  I love all things Dre.  Go ahead, you can judge me for that one too. 
3.  I know all of these songs and you better believe that I sing along to this like only the whitest white girl in America would.


molly said...

Will Smith!

Crystal Farish said...

Never would have guessed you were a rapper!! Claire's a rapper too, and she's about the whitest white girl I know. You are in good company.