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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Preparing for Valentine's Day

 (Simple Lovin Earrings no.3 $10}

Now, I will be the first to is sometimes a little hokey to wear things that are specific to a holiday.  Its true.  But, sometimes, its a must.  Like, I always (at the very least) wear the appropriate colors associated with a for Halloween, green for St. Patrick's Day, red, white and blue for the 4th of July...and red for Valentine's Day.
 {Simple Lovin Earrings  $8}

So I think that if you're looking for some red to wear, you should go and look in my shop.  I was busy during my snow week and added a few pieces specifically for Valentine's Day.  

 {Simple Lovin no.2 $8}

And I also happen to know that you are very curious at to where I got the name for the Simple Lovin' Earrings.  And I am not going to tell you....but you can find the answer in the listings on etsy.  One more reason to head over to the shop.  

 {Lava Hurricane earrings $12}

These earrings are a perfect match to the Two Hearts Necklace.  They are really just fabulous red earrings.  You can't go wrong with them.

 {true love earrings $20}

I am truly in love with these earrings.  The pictures cannot even begin to describe the sparkly, glam greatness of these earrings.  I'm not sure how you can live without them.

{two hearts necklace $24}

I named this necklace Two Hearts because, well, there are two hearts.  But every time I type out "two hearts"  I start singing that Ryan Adams song...It takes two but it used to take one....

And I included these pictures of Quinn as a reward for those of you who stuck it out through my ramblings about my jewelry.  That's my boy.  He was convinced that he could actually fit inside that box.  And he just wouldn't give up.  It was entertainment for quite some time...for him and us.

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