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Saturday, March 23, 2013

My poor boy

My poor boy had a rough week.  Dental surgery.  Final count...2 teeth pulled + metal spacers put in their place (stitches), 1 crown, 8 cavities filled.  Ugh.

There were a slew of of the main ones being that he has dairy induced reflux - milk makes him vomit and he would swish it around, damaging his teeth, and then the other offenders - juice, chocolate milk (before we realized it was the trigger), too long with a pacifier, not being as diligent about brushing teeth as we should be... We do have two other children that do not have.a.single.cavity.

Do I sound like I am defensive?  Like I'm giving a billion reasons for something terrible?

Because none of these things are his fault and yet he had to go through all of this.

And while talking about it to a friend in the lobby of the school, a parent turned to their child and said, "See?  And THAT is why you need make sure you brush."

I don't want my kid to be that poster child.

Why is parenting so hard?  Anybody have the answer for that one?


Allyson said...

Each of our children could be a poster child for something... Don't take it too hard. Just as much as it's not Quinn's fault he had to have surgery and fillings, it's not your fault either. Genetics plays a part, too.

Unknown said...

I can barely run my own life, let alone raise a funny, smart, beautiful entire person. Well, THREE of them. Be kind to yourself, my friend.

Emily said...

Blame Chris. Teeth are genetic and he had lots of trouble with his.

Zakary said...

Troy has had some dental issues, he has two caps because we waited to get his fillings done. Sigh.