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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Catching Up

Whew!  I cannot believe that it is already the middle of March...the Ides are just around the corner!

I keep waiting to feel like we're in a routine at home and I think now that it is March I should just give up on it and give in to the fact that a real routine isn't going to happen for us.  Which is what has made blogging so much harder for routine.  No bueno, no bueno.

We're relishing in the time change - such an automatic good mood maker for me.  When people ask why we still switch the clocks I always want to answer "to put a smile on my face."  Because it does.  Seriously.  It is also a wonderful thing that the time change coincides with our Spring Break.  Double good mood maker!

We spend the weekend cleaning the house.  I think I could be awesome at the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.  It is amazing to me how much stuff we accumulate.  I also worked on some new shop things...

And then these... {don't they remind you of skittles...taste the rainbow???}  I also listed them as one pair and then listings (with discounts) for pick 3 or pick 6.  Fun!

 On Monday we surprised the kids with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in NC.  We went last spring break and it was going again was kind of a no brainer for us.   This year, Q was tall enough to ride all of the water rides except the biggest one (which I don't like anyway) so it was more of a work out for Chris and I (he had to ride with an adult).  The stairs to get on the water slides?  OMG.  It got to a point where every step was a punishment.  Seriously.

I do apologize for the blog being so neglected lately.  Ugh. 
BUT, follow me on instagram!  @ikeandco  ...  I am a much more reliable instagrammer.  :)

I also wrote a guest post here.  Just in case you need a little more reading material.

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