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Thursday, April 14, 2011

In a Pickle

Last week, over Spring Break, Chris told the girls that they could lock their bedroom door while they were cleaning to help keep Quinn out.  Only, the girls just moved into Quinn's old room.  The room where we turned the knob so that the lock is on the outside of the door.

Chandler sent me this email while I was out shopping that afternoon:


We are in a pickle.
Ask dad for more info.He might not know.
So make sure that he checks his Email.
love Chandler,

I asked Chris if he had received an email from her.  This is what she sent him:


One of us, Casey locked us in our room when you told us to lock our door so that Quinn won't come into our room. 
The bad part is the lock is on the other side of our room!
Please come and unlock us because I need to go to the bathroom!

from the one that did not lock us in and the cute one, Chandler

He did unlock their door.  She did make it to the restroom in time.


Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

Wow, that post is bringing back memories! (Stressful memories!) We got ours out, too, finally!

sharonp said...

Omg, that girl has a way with words....just like her mom!

sharonp said...

so....the rest of the story? Did Chris go and immediately unlock the door or did he use it as an opportunity to have a captive audience?

molly said...

ohhhh, i laughed out loud on that one. too funny!