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Monday, April 25, 2011

Randomness and Other Things

1. I think the girls may have gotten to the age of not really believing anymore.  For instance, when I asked them whether they still believed in the Easter Bunny, Chandler replied, "Oh, yes, Mama.  We believe in all mystical creatures."  Really?  Like minotaurs, centaurs, unicorns and the grumpy old troll...who lived under the bridge?  Does the Easter Bunny really pal around with those guys?  Just checking.  Big sigh.  What a jerk.

2.  Quinn escaped from the house twice yesterday evening.  He went barreling through the backyard to the playset in nothing but his Mickey Mouse underroos.  Bikey was in on the escapes with him and they would take off in opposite directions.  Jerk.

3.   Chandler's attitude has been a little out of control these days.  I want to reach out and touch her...a lot.  Like walking into church on Sunday...I was (in a motherly tone) telling her to watch what she was doing so that she wouldn't break her neck in her 2 inch cork wedge sandals (purchased in a moment of weakness...she wore me down...if you're a parent, you understand this).  She replied with this, "Renrenren, renren, renren, renren, ren."  You know, like the Charlie Brown teacher voice, while making a face and rolling her eyes.  We were walking into church on Easter morning.  Perhaps she felt like Christ would protect her from the wrath of Mama.  She was right, but I will use it against her later.  Jerk.

4.  Quinn and I are having an ongoing battle....

Me:  Quinn, I need a smoocheroo!
Quinn:  No.  Dayeah have yo smocheroo.
Me:  But I need one from you.
Quinn:  Its outside.
Me:  Please, please can I have a smooch?
Quinn:  Only a little, small one.

And then he gives me a t-tiny little peck on the lips.  We go through this several times a day.  Stingy.  I carried that child for 9 months, gained 75lbs, gave birth to an almost 9 pounder that was 22.5 inches long and all he has for me is a "little small smooch" after I have to beg and plead with him for that.  Jerk.

5.  Casey has been EXTRA helpful these past couple of days.

Me:  Why are you being so helpful?  What do you want?
Casey:  Oh, I love you.
Me:  No, really, what do you want?
Casey:  Well, there's going to be another book fair coming up and I'm going to need money for that.
Me:  Yes, I see.

At least the girl is honest at some point.

And here's a peek at some new things in the shop.  I am telling you...I listed a bunch of new things over the weekend, so if you haven't been in to look around, you should!  Go!  Now!

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Michele said...

The last earring are gorgeous!!! They are on my wish list :) I may need to play the card that you did to my son--9 mths, one wk overdue, 9lbs 7ozs and 22 inches. You at least deserve a kiss for that. The attitude my 4-yr-old can give me never ceases to amaze me. I can only imagine when he's older...not looking forward to that.