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Friday, April 15, 2011

Because I know that you've been dying to know...

I know that you have been dying to know if I actually found things to hang on the walls in our bathroom this past weekend or not.

Yes.  Yes, we did.  Truth be told, our bathroom is now our favorite room in the house.  Its really the only room in the house that I actually feel is finished.  And that's a good feeling.

This  is the first nice mirror I've ever actually owned.  It has a real frame on it.  We picked it up at the Ho Lo (that would be Hobby Lobby, if you don't know Christy Beth speak) for 50% off.  Give it another week and it'll be back on sale.  The apple green clock came from Target.

The other two things I stole out of the front room.  They are polaroid made by my Molly.  You want some too, I know.  I was actually thinking about how I could talk her into a few more.  :)

And then we put these in the lime green water closet.

Do they look familiar?  Yep, its those same 12x12 framed scrapbook papers that started out in the guest bedroom, then became part of Casey's room and then I reclaimed them for this room.  And I really love them in there.

I also made some living room pillows last week.  Now if I just had my perfect IKEA living room to put them in...

ps - Today is the last day to use the LAUNCH20 coupon code in the shop for 20% off your entire purchase!

pps - Because of the craziness (wonderful craziness) that has come into my life with the huge amount of orders this week, the blog may or may not be tended to this weekend.  This is what I have on tap...

pack up orders
eat dinner at Bob's
have dance party at Bob's
come home, put children to bed
make earrings until the wee hours of the morn
Saturday morning Easter Egg Hunt at my in-laws
grocery shopping
nail trim for Bikey
laundry (lots and lots of laundry because it hasn't been touched all week)
my parents are coming 
Sunday church 
more and more and more jewelry making, packing and shipping orders.

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