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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods...

This is what it looks pulling onto my parents' "driveway."  From left, pictures 1, 2 and 3, are first entering their property.  Pictures 4 and 5...there's a house back there, I promise.  Its kind of like finding waldo.  The last picture?  Yeah, that's some crazy wolf thing that my mother has mounted onto the last tree before you enter the paved part of the driveway.  Its okay.  She knows that its a crazy wolf thing.

Anywho, so now you know that when I say, "We're going to spend the weekend at my mom's house in the woods,"  that I am not making it up.  They really live in the woods. (It kind of reminds you of Blair Witch, doesn't it?)

We got there yesterday afternoon...played in the back yard, Duke and Ike ran around together like the old friends that they are, and then Mom and I took Quinn to the pool store so that he could get a new life vest for the upcoming pool season.

So he  got a new vest.  (See the green thing?)  And also talked my mother into this penguin.  He said...
Q:  Ohhhh, Meme, I luhv dis pengin.
Meme:  I don't know if that will fit you.
Q:  *and then he tossed it right over his head* Yesh, yesh, Meme, it fits!

And she bought it for him.  Just like that.

Then we went back home and ate dinner.  Mom made pork tenderloin (marinated in soy sauce, ginger, onions and lemons) with roasted asparagus, fumi salad, and rosemary potatoes.

For dessert the kids had ice cream sundaes.  The ladies (that would be mom and me) had chocolate martinis.

Quinn refused to go to bed on his own, which was (as usual) *awesome*.

But in the end, he did get moved in with Meme and Pops so that Chris and I could have a night to ready ourselves for the tough love that is coming up this week.  This morning, my mother woke up with his calves and feet across her neck and his head was on Tom's back.  I'm sure that felt outstanding.

Today, Chris and I had an hour to ourselves while my parents watched the kids.  We went to Target and bought new bathroom stuff and then to Home Depot to pick out paint colors for our bathroom - the large area is going to be Cityscape.  I'll let you imagine what that might be.  And the small toilet room is going to be Granny Smith Green.  Yep.  I am SUPER excited about it.  Not to worry, I will most definitely be posting some before and after pics.

So tonight starts our week of tough love.  And I am hopeful that a week is all that we are going to need.  Quinn will be sleeping in his big boy bed in his big boy room, all by himself, all night long.  And when he does this, we are going to Chuck E. Cheese (oh Lord, help me) to celebrate.  It is time.  Not one of us is getting a good night sleep with him in our bed.  Period.


Emily said...

We'll go too! It always ups the ante a little when we add that Jonah will get to see Casey, Chan, and Quinn if he does something we ask of him. Probably doesn't happen at your house like that but you could always try! Either way, we'll go to the rat's place with you. Luckily, Old Navy is conveniently located..... :)

Crystal Farish said...

Love those photos of the woods!! How's tough love going? Man, I so went through that with my kids. The minute they hopped in my bed, I pulled them out and gave them a blanket and said "You can sleep on my floor or your own bed." At some point, they got sick of sleeping on the floor and stayed in their own room. It took a while -- like a year, but it worked.