Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who's behind? Mine.

I keep thinking, I'm falling really behind on the blog, which then makes me think about behind, which makes me think about Slink from Toy know, when they do a head count and Buzz asks "Who's behind?" and then cute little Slink answers, "Mine." Please tell me that you know what I am talking about that that I haven't completely lost my mind.

 This has been the last 7 days of my life...  
Last Wednesday: Chandler had a random fever (102) and I stayed home with her.
Thursday: Dance night. I ran errands.  I was almost abducted at Target.
Friday: We were home. (Yay!) Saturday: 10am Santa visit at the train depot, 12pm Birthday Party, then running errands, then 4:30pm Birthday Party
Sunday: Me - laundry, grocery shopping, prepping for craft fair, kids had pageant rehearsal
Monday: phone call at work that Casey has a 101 fever. I pick the other two up along with her - Quinn walks into the lobby and I know instantly (without a doubt) that he has pink eye. We spend 3 hours between the doctor's office and the pharmacy. We being me + two sick children + one well child. It was *exactly* what I was hoping for.
Tuesday: Chris stayed home with sick children, I went to work then high-tailed it home to take care of sick children in time for Chris to leave to teach class last night. Chandler was in the Christmas pageant at school and (thank God for) my mother in law took her out to eat and then back to school and was her lone cheering section.
Wednesday:   Chris was home again with the sick children.  Casey is kind of on the mend, but now Quinn has the fever.

Tomorrow I will be home with the sick child...big sigh.

Chris and I are VERY, VERY schedule oriented and when something gets changed and we have to back up and punt, I have to seriously remind myself to be flexible.  But it's hard.  And it's hard with 3 kids.  I have no idea how people with more than three get it all done. 

Another part of my ridiculousness is that we make a menu before going to the grocery store and I write my grocery list from the menu.  This week was supposed to have us gone every night but Monday.  So guess how many actual meals I bought?  Yep, one.  Monday night we had steak, potatoes, brussel  sprouts and salad.  Delish!  Last night we had grilled cheese.  Tonight's choices were mac and cheese, waffles or frozen pizza.

So, I'm sorry for my behind-ness. 

Do you follow me on instagram?  I'm @ang4332.  You should just follow me there because that I actually do a fairly fabulous job of keeping up with.  :)


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