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Saturday, September 13, 2008

A story about hamsters

In May, the girls won a big award in kindergarten and Chris and I were so proud of them that we let them get hamsters. Casey named hers Gia Sassafrass and Chandler named hers Rosabella (although her first name choice was Black Love...not kidding). Rosabella turned out to be mean - she would bite - HARD - and a little on the crazy side. Her favorite thing to do would be to climb on the bars of the cage, gnawing off the coating on the metal. The week before school started, Rosabella died. It was very traumatic. We had a funeral in the backyard. And, we got a new one...Isabella. She was much calmer than Rosabella and somewhat tame. Everything was going great until last weekend when I noticed that she was running in her wheel much, much more than usual. I told Chris that I thought she was losing it. Which, apparently she was, because Wed night we found her dead in her cage. Big sigh. Seriously? So, we've had yet another funeral and pet burial in the backyard. Now she is holding out, begging us to get her a kitten. What to do? What to do?

My aunt and uncle have been in town this week to stay with my cousin, Chantal, who had her baby boy last week. Rebel Lawson is his name. No, not kidding about that either. Anywho, they came to have dinner and visit with us last night. The girls were thrilled because Uncle Martin let them play with iphone...they took about 50 pictures of their stuffed animals.

We have been glued to the Hurricane Ike updates. My youngest brother, Matt lives outside of Houston and decided not to evacuate. We are praying for his safety.

I will write more over the weekend...I have to go get ready for class now!

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