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Friday, April 10, 2009

Ester* is almost here!

After the Easter Bunny called our house this morning to let the girls know that they should leave out chocolate milk and carrots (thanks, Frankie, now I have to add those items to the grocery list), Casey also decided that she should leave out a priceless piece of artwork as a gift for EB as well...

Last weekend we participated in the annual Easter Egg Hunt at my in-laws house. Sharon out does herself every year with quality carp. The kids are always thrilled and amazed that they EACH get to pick 25 eggs. The parents are also thrilled and amazed by this. The best part about it all is how awesome the children are that attend - they help each other find eggs and once all of the eggs have been opened, they politely trade carp until each child is satisfied with their haul. You can witness the joy of the egg hunt in the pictures below...

At this point in the week, we are been busy preparing for Easter! We are having my family and Chris's family over after church on Sunday for lunch. The menu is as follows:
1. Ham (Honey Baked, of course)
2. pineapple casserole (you can't have ham and not this)
3. green bean salad
4. fumi salad
5. creamed corn (Chris's favorite)
6. homemade mac-n-cheese in the crockpot
7. steamed broccoli
8. Sister Schubert rolls

And various drinks and desserts. The best part is, I don't have to prepare any of it! I so LOVE having a husband that enjoys cooking. Sunday, whether he admits it or not, is going to be one of the best days of the year for him because he takes great pride in cooking for others. And I take great pride in eating until I can eat no more. I rationalize this by saying that it makes Chris feel good when he sees others enjoying his food.

My contribution to Easter was shopping for all the basket goodies, and making sure that everyone has the proper Easter attire and that we all match...right down to Chris's pink and navy striped tie and pink and navy argyle socks. I told him that they were non negotiable. I can't wait to share pics with you of this...and I am sure Chris will be wearing the same look on his face as he did in our Disney pictures!

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Amanda Jo said...

Of course Chris is wearing his FOIL shirt! Such a math teacher =)