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Monday, April 13, 2009

New Pictures - God Bless Frankie!

Oh my God! Can you get over the cuteness of this picture??? My baby boy is definitely creeping into being a toddler! Now if only he could look this adorable at 2am when he is screaming in teething pain... (I can't get this stupid underline to go away!)Oh, artistic heaven, is it not?? This is Chris's favorite picture (so far) from the session. It will definitely be huge somewhere in our house - quite possibly the foyer.
Note...who is watching Quinn? No one. What was Quinn doing? Eating sticks. He felt he needed some roughage in his diet.
Note...the only one smiling in this picture is the baby. What's up with that???
My new favorite family picture. Chris hates this tie. I told him it was a non-negotiable and I think it is a delightful tie. In about 6 months he will like it and he will tell people that it was his idea. This is how he rolls.
Have I told you how much I love Frankie? Because I do. I love her A LOT! She is not only an AMAZING photographer - check out more of her work here at
but she is also an AMAZING friend.'s that for some mush on the blog? :)


molly said...

These are beautiful photos! Yes, Frankie is a great photographer. You all look Fabulous!

Cindy said...

Great pix!!!!! I love your hair!!!!