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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

More correctly, another week of school bites the dust. And I don't know about you, but I was off a day for the whole week - in a negative way...on Wed I thought it was Thurs, on Thurs it felt like Fri. So it really was never ending.

But at the same time, it was a good week. Productive at work. No doctor visits for the children. A night out with two of my most favorite ladies...where we had this conversation...

A: So do you two have any personal days left this year?
Both D and I to this effect: Yeah, why, have something in mind?
A: Yes, actually, I do. I am taking Dec 9 off and I think you should to. I'm going into Tucker to have a mammogram done...
*At this point D and I about fell out of our chairs laughing because it really came out like A was inviting us to her mammogram with her. She really wanted us to go to the appt with her so that we could go out to lunch and to ikea for the rest of the day. It was a moment of perfect comedy though - the timing, the facial expression, and the look of disbelief with the ensuing laughter. The whole evening was really like that though, laughter, honest conversation, advice given and taken, future plans made. And on the way home my heart was bursting and I was a little weepy thinking about how thankful I am to have these women in my life, which led me to think about all of the women that I have been blessed with in my life. I am truly rich in friendships with people I genuinely care about and who care about me. The terrible thing (which is really not so terrible) is that I am a married mother of 3 and therefore my friendships often suffer because I do not have the time (and energy) to spend on my friendships as I would like. Which then made my heart a little sad.

In other news....Q pointed to the box of crackers on the table this week, pointed at them and said, "Crack?" Yes, my 17 month old son asked for crack. And we were extremely proud of him.

At church on Sunday we are supposed to be bringing blankets, but I had that big yard sale this summer and cleaned out the linen closet and got rid of all of our extra blankets. BUT I did already purchase new comforters for the girls as part of their Christmas presents. So we had this conversation at the dinner table last night...

Me: We are supposed to bring blankets to donate at church on Sunday and we don't have any to give, BUT I did buy you new comforters for Christmas and if you would like them early, which would mean one less present to open Christmas morning, then we could donate yours.
Chris: It would be one less present. So we don't want to hear it on Christmas morning.
Chandler: Oh, yes, I would definitely like to donate mine.
Casey: Um, (looking nervous), well, could I see the new one first? What does it look like?

I appreciate the honesty, but not the selfishness. :)

Then, following dinner and some t.v. time purchased with daddy dollars, it was time for the girls to go to bed. Casey came down and said good night. Chan came down about 7 minutes later, crying.

"I think (sob, sob) that I'm sick again (hiccup, sob). I did the diarrhea! (wailing, sobbing, sniffling.)"

Oh. My. Well. Not really sure what to say about that, but thanks for sharing.

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Emily said...

Well, after this year, your kids will have had every disease/condition on Earth so they should be healthy for the rest of their lives. :) Oh, and Quinn asking for crack? Yeah, that's genetic. :)