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Monday, November 2, 2009

She's Givin Me a Whoopin

Last night we had a fight to end all fights in our house. The girls were told to go upstairs to pick up the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals left in the middle of the floor in their room from the Saturday night slumber party. Simple task, right? Apparently not. The argument began over a pillow - was it Casey's, was it Chandler's, did it belong on the spare bed??? Mind boggling. A question that could absolutely start a seven year war. They fought over the pillow. Casey threw the pillow down and jumped on Chandler. Offense #1. Then Casey took her shoes off on Chan's side of the room. Offense #2. So, Chandler did the most logical thing - she threw the shoes onto Casey's side of the room. Offense #3. Casey was ticked that Chan threw the shoes, so she ran to the other side of the room and spanked Chandler's rear. Offense #4. When Casey went back on her side of the room, Chandler did another very logical thing - she picked a remote up off the floor and launched it at her sister's head. She hit her target. Offense #5. At this point, Casey began wailing. Sobbing. Screaming.

Chris and I were both down stairs and did not know the proceeding events. We thought someone was seriously injured. Chris bolted for the stairs, calling out, "Girls! Are you okay?" To which Chandler responded, "She's givin me a whoopin!" Chris demanded that both parties return to the first floor. Casey carried on as though the end of the world had arrived. Chandler was irate that she was about to get in trouble and just kept repeating, "She gave me a whoopin! She gave me a whoopin!"

Ugh. They each had their turn to tell us the story. Surprisingly, there were a lot of similarities between them this time. The punishment last night was dinner, bath and straight to bed. They cannot buy wii or tv time this week with their daddy dollars. I offered to move the coffee table out of the front room and let them finish the fight one wanted to take me up on it...they were afraid of getting hurt.

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