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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Books and a Birthday

Now that we have the hole in the wall fixed, we have moved onto other projects. We are having built in bookcases installed (custom made - courtesy of our dear friend Drew) in the front room and have had to take down all of the books and get rid of the 6, 6ft tall shelves that we had in there. So, this is the current state of the craft room. I love living in disaster zones. The rest of the house isn't looking so great these days either because we are having a yard sale this weekend...which Chris is super thrilled about!
We went to Frankie and Greg's last night for a birthday cookout for Kieran (and some how I managed to not get a single picture of the birthday boy). The kids (and adults) had an outstanding time. Here the girls with Aiden and Ella (who decided topless was the way to go).

Quinn - looking a whole lot like Chris.
Did I mention that they had cupcakes with black frosting? Chan kind of looks like Marilyn Manson, wouldn't you say?

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