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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Life Has Been a Hot Mess

It's life has indeed been a hot mess lately. Since I last posted...

Saturday we had the yard sale. It was a great success! Chris was very pleased and surprised! I, on the other hand, knew that it was going to be terrific all along. After the yard sale we hightailed it over to Emmy and Mark's to celebrate his b-day and to swim in the pool. (pics to post at a later date) Saturday night, Chris's mom took the girls and Jonah back to her house for "Camp Doe Doe" - seriously, tents and they roasted marshmallows in the fire pit.

Sunday we went to church then out to eat at Mama's Boy. Now, I will be the first to admit that I LOVE this place. But, um, not so much after our experience on Sunday. First, they seated us on the back patio. We like sitting outside, but usually out front where everyone, including the waiter, can see us. It began like a normal dining experience...he took our drink order, brought us silverware...and then we waited about 10 minutes for 4 drinks. He put the drinks on the table and went back in without taking out order...So, we waited another 15 minutes. We were now looking at a total of 25 minutes in the restaurant. With 3 kids, two of which had already finished their coloring and one of which was threatening to toss Elmo off the side of the deck. So, I went in and told him that we were ready to order. He was extremely embarrassed and super apologetic and made sure that our orders came out quickly. Apparently they rushed the orders out before they could check for the kinky, wirey hair that made it into my veggie scrambler. Eesh! Yuck! At that point, I was so disgusted by the whole experience that I didn't tell anyone and just stopped eating. Once the rest of the family was finished I then had to go back in to tell them we were ready for our check. It was a sad day for me because now I will not be going back to one of my most favorite restaurants in Athens.

Monday Chris left early to start the Red Clay Writing Project at UGA and I gathered the beasts for a trip out to Meme's. The plan was for us to get there around lunch, swim in the pool all afternoon, spent the night, swim all day on Tuesday and come home Tuesday night after dinner. Well, there was a slight change in plans. The change occurred when my stepdad accidently dropped Quinn, face first, onto the hardwood floor. Now, obviously this was an accident and he was incredibly heartbroken that it occurred, but that didn't change the fact that Quinn had blood pouring out of his much so that we couldn't get it to stop and we couldn't figure out where in his mouth the blood was coming from. So, we (me, mom, Quinn and my brother's girlfriend, Ann) made a trip up to the immediate care place 5 minutes from my parents house. They took one look at my 11 month old son, with blood dripping out of his mouth and sent us to the ER - another 20 minutes away. Talk about having heart failure. To make a long story a little bit shorter - he had 4 xrays taken of his head/face to determine that nothing was fractured or broken and told us that he needed to see a pediatric dentist on Tuesday. We were home around midnight. Q woke up about every 45 minutes throughout the night and his mouth continued to bleed. I took him to the dentist yesterday - his front teeth have been pushed back up, but should re-erupt on their own. He also broke the muscle that attaches your lip to your gum - that was what was the cause of the enormous amounts of bleeding. Big sigh. He has a follow up appointment the first week in July.

So, the girls stayed out at mom's to have some swimming time and so that I could take Q to his appointment. I spent the day working on my research project for grad school and tomorrow I am meeting with my principal about media center plans for next year. Should be interesting. All in all, I am thankful that the accident didn't happen on the concrete around the pool, that it happened during the summer and for the fact that now Quinn won't need to have the surgery that the girls had in December. :)

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molly said...

Oh Heaven's. I'm glad to hear that Quinn will be all right. What a scare. Poor lil' guy.
And I thought I was the one who always got the hair in my food. So sad. That's one of my fav. restaurants too.